Friday, November 27, 2020

{gift guide: for him}

Guys are the hardest to shop for. Period. They never tell you what they want! I actually have a note in my phone and make a running list for Kyle throughout the year... if he ever mentions anything that could be a gift I instantly write it down. It's saved me a lot of trouble. This list is to help save y'all any trouble too! xoxo.

Psst... this board is shoppable! Just click the black plus sign on the item you want to shop!

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A couple of highlights on this gift guide:

Yeti Cup // How many times can I suggest this? It's a thoughtful gift even though it's generic because the quality is top notch! I love this hunter green especially.

Head Lamp // If I had a dollar for the number of times Kyle actually uses this... I'd be rolling in dough. It seems like a silly gift but he honestly uses it when he's working constantly. He even uses it for grilling at night or reading in bed when I'm already asleep. It's probably one of his most used items.

Nutri Bullet Blender // Those New Year's Resolutions are right around the corner. This blender is crazy powerful and can go straight from the blender to the road or the gym. It will mix any protein powder up to a milkshake like consistency. Best part is it's not massive so squeezing it into your already packed kitchen cabinets is easy.

Love Always,

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