Friday, November 20, 2020

{gift guide: hostess}

We all have that wonderful person in our lives that can make any gathering feel like the most intimate event. The person that "just whips up some things" and you think it had to have taken them days. The hostess that has a bowl, pitcher, dish, etc. for everything (well, once you get them a gift from this guide!) These gems should be protected at all cost because they create your home away from home and feed you the best appetizers!

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A couple of highlights on this gift guide:

Cocktail Napkin Holder // We have a napkin holder identical to this and I love that it helps our guests know that there's always a napkin to use as a coaster or something to wipe your fingers on. It just creates a sense of comfort for a guest that if they need a napkin - it's right there. Plus, it looks messy if a bunch of napkins are thrown across the counter so this keeps it clean (and easy to put out or away as necessary).

Wine Purifier // I've noticed more people being sensitive to wines as I get older. With this nifty gift you simply pour your wine through it as your serving - it helps removes sulfites that can cause a headache and later a hangover!

Agate Cheese Knives ($17) // So stunning - this is one way to liven up that cheese board!

4-piece Wine Tool Kit // This kit is budget friendly and makes opening wine an ease. Your hostess will never worry about a guest not being able to open a bottle of wine at ease with this tool on hand!

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