Wednesday, July 8, 2020

{wish list wednesday | 7.8.20}

I haven't done a Wish List post in awhile... and while Summer is in full swing, Coronavirus is also still very much present. Which means I don't exactly have a place to wear a lot of these items to - except the grocery store!! Hello, fashion show on aisle 3? Lol kidding. Ever since I began working from home when I moved to KW I made the decision to get dressed in "real clothes" every morning (sometimes afternoon) so that I wasn't tempted to lounge around. This gave me a sense of habit and routine and allowed me to feel put together if I did have to go and run an errand quickly, had a lunch date, or decided to go to HH randomly (again, pre-corona ha).

Being stuck inside more has also given me a lot more time to shop online. SOOO I decided instead of purchasing every thing I fell in love with - that I would begin sharing them with y'all. You just have to promise me one thing. If you purchase something from a WLW you've got to send me a photo of you in it ;) that way I can live vicariously through you hehe.

psst... this board is shoppable. Just click the item you want to shop!

White Dress - I love wearing anything white!! This dress is so adorable with the ruffles and tie belt to help cinch your waist. Perfect for summer

Gold Earrings - Lisi Lerch always makes the most gorgeous earrings. I've lusted after this exact design for years... and now they're back on my radar again!

White Shirt - A classic for everyone's closet... this back is adorable!

Straw Hat - I have a million hats and can never have enough! I never go out on the water without something to protect my face from the sun. Love how this one has a tie to help keep it in place - this would be so handy on a windy day!

Beach Bag - This bag has been on my wish lists for years now... the original style with the grosgrain ribbon (in pink) is an all time fave but this new leather handle was just so cool!

The Ordinary Oil - I've been looking for a new face oil since I just used mine up. The Ordinary stood out because of the insane prices... it's cheaper than a Chipotle burrito!! I then began doing a bunch of research on their products and dang was I impressed. You can really fine tune the product to get what's best for your skin. I just ordered this rose hip oil because it's great for all skin types, helps reduce signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and supports hydrated skin. I'm curious to try "the buffet" oil next!

Star Choker - The best layering piece! Kendra Scott will forever have my heart. All of her jewelry stands up so well to the test of time. It's never faded or rubbed off on me before!

Rainbow Hoops - I love my rainbow hoops so much that when I spotted these I convinced myself I needed another pair :) these are beads and a thinner profile so if you want a subtle pop of color this is the way to do it

Jewel Sandals - So much sass in a pair of shoes and I'm all about it. The clear shoe trend is huge this summer and this style is super comfortable on the foot.

Matching Set - If I'm not wearing a maxi dress I'm most likely in beach pants like the ones in this set. They're so easy to throw on and help keep you cool in the summer even though you're in pants. So cute that this has a matching top and comes in tons of colors!

Gold Sandals - I love the subtle chunky platform on these sandals. They also come in white, tan, and clear. A great way to get a little bit of height for that maxi dress that's just a liiittle too long.

Hot Pink Pouch - I love everryyyythinggg Stoney Clover and this Tropical Collection is drool worthy! Plus they just introduced new sparkle letter patches in the exclusive tropical colors. They're covered in sequins and pearls and I can't decide what to get :)

Red Dress - I had to snag this after making this collage because I love the collar and sleeves on this dress. It's so feminine and easy to style up or down. Sleeves up with sneakers or down with cute sandals (maybe those jeweled ones)!

Striped Shirt - This is the new version of Aerie's boyfriend tee that all of quarantine went nuts over! I loved the boyfriend tee so much I bought it in multiple colors. I love that this updated version has a pocket on it but still keeps that oversized fit that is chic and comfy!

Love Always,

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