Thursday, July 9, 2020

{summer accessory | straw hat}

If there's one thing I've learned recently... a cute wide brimmed hat is my best friend in this FL heat! It protects my face and shoulders from the sun, adds a cute touch to the outfit, and helps me stay a bit cooler with some shade!

I rarely let my face see the sun when I'm outside. I wear SPF every day and a hat as often as possible (even while I'm running) because I would rather wear bronzer and self tanner on my face than have wrinkles. Dramatic right? Oh well! I have around 10 hats and love switching them out daily as a way to style my look. My favorites are neutral but I have a cute black hat with detailing and a fun olive green one too. The best part about wearing sun hats, versus a ball cap, are you can wear any sunglasses with them and they won't get in the way. Plus, they don't mush your hair down!

Straw Hat $20 // White Knit Tank // Black Pants // Tkees Sandals (size up) // Rainbow Earrings // Leather Flat Pouch (custom lettering) // J Necklace

They really come in all different shapes and sizes and price points - I'm sharing more of my favorites below! I love all the different styles...

Love Always,

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