Thursday, June 18, 2020

{summer maxi | blue floral with tassel ties}

It seems that every season I make one purchase that just wins over anything else I've purchased... you know that dress you reach for every single time? Because it's adorable, comfortable, you feel great in it, and it never lets you down? That's this dress for me!

Blue Maxi Dress (Small) // Matisse Straw Flats // Straw Purse // Gold Chain Anklet // Gold Chain Bracelet // Christian Dior Bracelet // David Yurman Bangle // Gold Bead Bracelets // Rose Gold Ring // Silver Ring // Gold Band Ring // Prive Revaux Sunglasses

The second I saw this online I knew I had to have it. I love the cotton material, the bow ties with tassels, the simple ruffle, the color, the pattern... etc. etc! Even though it's full on summer heat down here in the Keys I love wearing a maxi to protect my legs from constant sun and an extra barrier from mosquitoes! I truly believe it helps keep me a bit cooler too - like a big umbrella for my body haha. This one is such a winner I don't think I can explain it with words ;) Can't believe the small is still in stock! Normally Red Dress Boutique sells out of the cutest dresses pretty quickly - guess this one has gone under the radar. When I saw it was still available I quickly snapped these photos so I could share with y'all.

I've linked all of my jewelry but a couple of things to note: my cloth bracelet is from Etsy (it's a knockoff) and my necklaces were personal gifts. My link bracelet and anklet are both from a black woman owned shop called 1929 Galore and I'm addicted. I've barely taken them off!! One of my goals for this year is to actively seek out black owned businesses, incorporate them into my wardrobe, and continue to support them. I wore this anklet to the sandbar all day last weekend and it didn't show a single sign of wear. I'm also a huge fan of that chain style right now! Be sure to check them out - I love how they have different sizes you can order for bracelets (tiny wrists rejoice!!)

Love Always,

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