Tuesday, October 18, 2016

{winery sunset}

Photography by Laura

I'm shocked at this weather... cold during the week but it's been sunny and warm on the weekends! There's still a breeze in the air so I love being able to throw a poncho or wrap over my shoulders. The thing I take the longest to put away this time of year? Sandals... I just can't help it. I would take open toed shoes with sweaters any day. This warm weather is also making me keep my white jeans out longer ;) rules were meant to be broken. I just balance out all the summery-ness with a dark green poncho on top.

I've fallen in love with these earrings especially! I love a good statement earring and these had me going all heart-eyed emoji the second I saw them. Perfect for a casual day at a winery with friends, dressed up for date night, or topping off a wedding look!

Love Always,


  1. I have the same flip flops in white and am obsessed with them! You have me wanting to go to a winery now :)

  2. These photos are beautiful! Loving all that golden light on you. Miss you, friend!

    xo, Lauren

  3. Loving this lighting and that poncho looks perfect for the winery!

    Pink Champagne Problems


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