Wednesday, October 26, 2016

{favorite skincare products}

With a new apartment came a lot of change... a change that wasn't welcome was how my skin reacted to the new routine, stress, and change of pace. My old skincare products just weren't cutting it anymore. I had uneven skin and dark circles under my eyes. So the past three months I've been trying some new products out to find a good combo that worked for me. I also love trying new things out in general - but you have to give it a good week to see if it works.

I've broken the products into two categories: my morning routine and my night routine. Then I threw in a favorite face mask (that everyone raves about...) because who doesn't love a good mask?!

Morning Routine //

1. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster - immediately after getting out of the shower I rub one pump of this collagen booster all over my face, neck, and collar bone. I like to think that it soaks in with warm skin better and knowing that my face is fresh and clean means the serum can work it's wonders more easily. It has a gentle orange smell because of all the vitamin-C that's packed into it while working to brighten

2. Caudal Resveratrol Lift Cream - after the serum has fully absorbed I apply this cream all over my face just like a moisturizer.  It's perfect for wearing under your makeup because it creates a matte foundation while plumping and firming your skin.

3. Bye Bye Pores Primer - one of the best non-oily primers I've found to date. It creates a smooth, matte finish on your skin to create the perfect base for applying makeup! It also helps with shrinking your pores and eliminating/preventing wrinkles. So much power in one primer!

Night Routine //

1. Zo Skin Health Lash Enhancing Serum - after washing my face at night I swipe this serum across my top and bottom lashes and my eyebrows. This serum helps enhance length and thickness and I love that it's safe to use on my eyebrows too! I don't have a lot of eyebrow hair so being able to naturally thicken them up (I don't understand microblading) is fabulous. I've noticed my eyelashes and eyebrows being not thicker just yet - I've only been using it for a month so hopefully the results will increase soon.

2. Zo Skin Health Growth Factor Serum Plus - I'm not sure what amazingness is in this product but it's a miracle worker. It has helped reduce irritation on my skin so much. The directions say to the more you massage it in the better it works so I stand in front of my mirror and massage it for a good 5 minutes haha ;) The description online says it helps reduce the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles - this gal has laugh lines so I focus around my mouth when rubbing it in. It also strengthens weak skin and helps enforce the skin's protective barrier. Perfect for people who are combating sum damage as well. 

3. Bye Bye Lines - next up is my version of a "wrinkle cream". My laugh lines around my mouth and eyes don't embarrass me per say but I'm a firm believer in preventing aging early. This serum is supposed to begin lifting, filling and firming in just 10 days.

4. Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream - raise your hand if you have dark circles under your eyes... (I'm raising my hand really really high right now). Sure, we all have concealer to hide those dark circles but I hate having to put it on every morning. This begins working at night by de-puffing from the start and brightening up the skin. With a bit of caffeine it helps maintain energize the skin so that you don't get puffy the next morning and the blue tint visibly begins helping the dark circles the second you put it on. A lot of my girlfriends have said they noticed results right away!

5. Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream - if I've had a particularly trying day or I was outside in the sun/wind for an extended period of time I like to lather on a bit more moisturizer. This night cream locks all the nourishments into your skin while you sleep (when your skin can get the driest). I also like to rub some of the cream onto the backs of my hands - my momma's trick! Don't forget your neck and collarbone :)

Favorite Products //

The two products I would recommend the most: the Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask and the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster. Both products make your skin feel like you just got a facial - they give you tight skin, a great glow, and an amazing lift. The Tula mask is great because you get some exfoliating action while you rub it on and take it off. It helps clear out your pores while sloughing off dead skin so your skin will wake up and look brighter.  It's a great after work treat while drinking a glass of wine and taking a bath ;) or at least that's how I like to treat myself!

Do you have any products you can't live without? Any new brand you've discovered recently? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Always,

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