Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I'm hoping that this is the last post with full on snow for awhile…

photography by Emily Smalling

Ombre Sweater, Bloomingdales Old (grey/black, turquoise, black/white) // Rock & Republic Jeans // H&M Shirt // Nordstrom Booties // Kendra Scott Ring // Sophie Harper Necklace via Rocksbox (first month free with code jenniferbff102) // NARS Lipstick in "Heat Wave" with "Luxembourg" on top

Things I'll never get tired of? Ombre, all black, and wearing brown with black. I'm sure some people are going to look at this outfit and think "omg Jenn should never have worn that brown ombre sweater with that black outfit!!" Truth in the matter? I don't really care and rules were meant to be broken. I put this outfit together and thought - hey, that's cool how the sweater really pops! Then I thought - okay, this is the perfect opportunity to wear two of my favorite lipsticks at once and create a new shade. Really I just create some of my favorite outfits by being bored and trying to create new combos while out on a limb. Plus, all black against the snow is really a striking combo!

Now I keep thinking about actually ombre-ing my hair instead of letting my summer color grow out (yeah… sorry that's how I got this color in my hair!!). I'm SO ready for real sunshine and a TAN!! Yikes my legs looked really pale against my green skirt yesterday… Summer, where are you?!

Side note: I tried to take "cute" photos in the snow by throwing it up and being fun and spontaneous and YEAH none of those photos made it here. If anyone has tips on how to get rid of a SCARY double chin please hook a girl up… seriously… like I need heeelllppp!

Love Always,


  1. I think this outfit is great, who cares if you mixed black and brown. I really love the Kendra Scott ring as well!

  2. This look is so cute! I love the ombre poncho, it is so unique.

    Between the Pearls


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