Thursday, March 12, 2015

{recipe | cake pops}

Last Sunday as I was getting back in from a photo shoot with Emily my roomie, Jenna, told me that she wanted to make cake pops! Naturally, I jumped up and down and begged to make them with her. We've both always been dying to try our hand at this mini bite sized treat so it was a cake pop match made in heaven (yes, this is our version of Sunday Funday). We decided on two flavors: red velvet (a classic) and strawberry (something fun and different - not your typical cake).

So this isn't' a full fledged recipe per say… more like a beginner's how to :)
This is another post done with my iPhone (#recipeswithmyiphone as I like to call it) so I hope you feel like you're literally in the kitchen baking with us! It got pretty messy so be prepared to get your hands dirty.

-2 cake box flavors [of your choice]
-2 icing tubs [of your choice]
-2 packages of baker's chocolate
-lollipop sticks
-2 types of sprinkles
-wax paper or aluminum foil

This makes around 50 cake balls if you roll them into the size of a golf ball… all the better for your coworkers because that's whom Jenna and I shared them with!!

1. Bake your cakes according to the directions. Make sure that they are cooked fully. If they aren't this will make the crumbling process pretty difficult.

2. Crumble the cakes into teeny tiny pieces. No lumps! This was the fun part - but, let them cool! My fingers were a little unhappy when I just dove in.

3. Mix in one spoonful of icing at a time… too much and the balls will be heavy and won't stay on the sticks. Too little and they'll crumble apart (this actually happened for the strawberry and we added more after making a couple of cake balls). You'll want it to become a smooth texture that can be rolled easily.

4. Roll your balls and begin placing them on a foil lined cookie sheet. If they touch that's okay! I recommend making them into the size of a golf ball - perfect for 3-4 bites!

5. Put the whole tray in the fridge to cool for around an hour. This helps solidify everything!

6. Get all of your ingredients laid out and ready to rumble… Move the cake balls to another plate so that the foil lined sheet can have freshly dipped pops placed on them. The fancier way to do this is to get a styrofoam block and place they pops upside down but… yeah, ain't nobody got time for that.

7. Melt the bakers chocolate until it is completely smooth. You want to have it in a bowl that is deep enough to completely emerge the cake pop. As time goes by the chocolate will harden, simply keep microwaving it so that it's hot and runny. If you use a double boiler you won't have to keep reheating the chocolate. 

8. Before dipping the whole cake pop in the chocolate I have a tip for you - Poke a hole in the cake pop with the lollipop stick, remove the stick and dip a bit of the end in the chocolate, then reinsert the stick into the hole. This will help act as a "glue".

9. Dunk the cake ball (on the stick) into the chocolate. Tap the cake pop gently on the side of the bowl while rotating it to get any extra chocolate off.

10. While holding the cake pop over a small plate (keep spinning it slightly since the chocolate is hot and melty) sprinkle your sprinkles on top! Jenna and I used different sprinkles on our two flavors so that we could tell them apart! 

11. Place the cake pop on the foil sheet so that the stick stands straight up in the air. You could also add sprinkles to the top of the cake pop at this point… it just makes it harder to get all of the sides.

12. You'll notice the chocolate dries pretty quickly - it looses a bit of it's shine. Carefully peel the cake pop off of the foil sheet and place it on a plate.

13. Ta da!! That's it!! Relatively simple right? It just take a bit of coordination :) There's no need to worry about them being misshaped or not perfect because that just adds to their freshly made charm! I wish we had had a lot of ribbon so we could've put bows on them… so adorable!

What other flavors do you think would be good? Have you ever made cake pops before? I'd love to hear any of your tips/tricks! Happy baking, friends!

Love Always,


  1. Wow - these are definitely easier to make than I thought they'd be!! Definitely going to try to make these soon :)

    1. They are! Such a surprise right?? Let me know what flavors you end up making :)

      xoxo, Jennifer

  2. These don't actually sound as hard as I thought they would be! They look super tasty :)

  3. These look so delicious! If I ever pick up a pack of cake pop sticks, I'll have to try some chocolate ones!

    Alyssa The Runner


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