Tuesday, March 24, 2015

{10 facts about me…}

Hello new readers! It occurred to me last week that as my blog has grown I haven't been sharing who I actually am as a person. It is kind of weird to be sitting on one side of a computer screen not being able to interact with y'all on a more personal daily basis! I absolutely adore bloggers that create relationships with their readers so that's what I aspire to be… I don't want y'all to think I'm just simply someone who loves clothes [even though, hi, obviously I do!] because I've got a lot more to me! Whenever my photographer, Emily, gets a bad picture of me we always joke and say "there's the human!"

So for all my new and old readers - here are 10 facts about me that you may, or may not, know! If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

1. I sing all the time - If I don't have headphones in and I'm bouncing along to a beat then I'm humming or singing the song that I can't get out of my head (right now it's "Overload" by Life of Dillon). I can't get ready in the morning without listening to music. It just starts my day off on the right foot! Everything also reminds me of song lyrics - you could say "morning sunshine" and I'll start singing "here comes the sun doo doo doo doooo." That might be annoying to people but it's a little quirk I can't seem to stop. [Side note: I can't do it on demand. It just has to happen naturally.]

2. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas - If you haven't read my About Me page then this little fun fact explains where the "southern" comes from in my blog name! Since I'm on the East coast now I still get made fun of for saying "y'all" and "pardon" but that's just in my nature. Some things you can't shake - I was there for 13 years!

3. Up until a year ago I had never shopped at Sephora - I know… The Horror! Honestly, this fact amuses me the most because I'm such an addict now. I used to only buy CVS makeup until I realized that the stuff I was putting on my face could make or break me (break OUT haha get it?). If you're going to be putting concealer on every day then why not invest in one that will last and will also have anti-aging benefits. I'm a true believer that it's never too early to start being preventative!

4. I own over 40+ lipsticks - You can judge me. It's allowed. PS I promise to do a post with my favorite lipsticks soon… 

5. I am obsessed with Sea Otters, Corgis, and Cats - I know this is a weird fact but I felt it was necessary because my dream is to hold hands with a Sea Otter and I will have millions of Corgis and Cats when I grow up (no, I'm not joking). Please feel free to tag me in any Instagram posts that contain these animals!! (Again, not joking. Everyone already does it.)

6. I believe a necklace can instantly complete an outfit - if you've seen my jewelry collection then you know that "obsession" doesn't even begin to describe it. My favorite thing to do is throw on this tassel necklace with a big sweater and black pants. Classic! But anything sparkly goes in my book… The more bling the better! I feel naked if I don't at least have my diamond studs and my Coordinates Collection necklace on (it has the coordinates of Blacksburg, VA on the front and my anniversary with the boy on the back).

7. I could eat Mac & Cheese every day - I am drooling thinking about a box of blue box blues (Kraft - come on, you knew that) right now… if I could try every macaroni and cheese in the entire world I wouldn't care if I gained 300 pounds. No, seriously. I love it!! It's probably why I felt the need to transform a spaghetti squash into something glutenous. Teehee ;) 

8. I don't own a car - This may shock some people but it's not totally necessary since I work in DC. Public transportation isn't my favorite thing in the whole world but it's really easy to get around the city with the metro and uber! However, it does stink when I want to go visit a friend and there isn't a train station nearby :( My sister and I shared a car my senior year at Virginia Tech but then she somehow managed to gain control of it and move to Chicago… hmm.

9. I started this blog on Tumblr in 2010 - I began posting my mirror selfies and IG style photos on Tumblr when I was a sophomore in college! That was my first taste of this amazing community :) I loved sharing my inspiration and getting feedback about what people liked or didn't like. It was also so much fun to see other "tumblr bloggers" share their outfits as well. I then began following more "real blogs" and after being prompted multiple times by my friends, family, and tumblr followers finally started the real Southern Anchors!! To say it's been fulfilling is an understatement - I love coming here every single day and sharing things with y'all… which leads me to my last fun fact!

10. Criminal Minds / Castle / CSI / Stalker - I love any type of television show that has to do with a murder mystery or crime scene. That probably sounds really morbid but I love trying to figure out the puzzle and getting inside someone's mind. Perhaps the scare factor gets to me? (Don't ever watch Stalker when you're home alone because you could wind up walking around the house with a knife trying to figure out what that "bump" was…. it was the neighbors in their garage #dramatic)

and one more fact just because!

11. Social Media - I'm addicted. If there was a cure to stop being obsessed with social media I wouldn't want it! The fact that I get to experience people's fashion, ideas, and did bits of life through their eyes just amazes me. Yes, it can be a narcissistic society but I use it as a platform to gather inspiration and hope every day :) Plus, I've made some incredible friends!! Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Bloglovin', Facebook, and Pinterest!

Did I forget anything super interesting?!? Thanks for stopping by :)

Love Always,


  1. Do glad I got to know you a bit better through this post !! P.S. I am also obsessed with murder mystery shows haha :)

  2. I totally agree with the mac'n'cheese obsession. It is my favorite! I love the cheap box ones, but homemade mac'n'cheese is the best. My dad makes it with bread crumbs on top and like three different cheeses. It's so delicious!

    Running Alyssa


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