Monday, January 12, 2015

{retro midi}

New Years Resolution #1: Bring more color into my winter wardrobe
New Years Resolution #2: Shop my own closet

photography by Emily Smalling

This outfit was a combination of two of my New Years resolutions and I also wanted to show a way to mix some of your summer clothes into your winter wardrobe. (Who doesn't love a challenge right?)  This was a perfect way to do that since this quilted midi is such a gorgeous color and a nice length. Do you remember how I styled this skirt last summer? When I saw it was on sale (2 different links for different sizes… I have no clue) I thought hmm how can I mix this up for a winter outfit? This "retro" outfit was born when I was playing around in my closet before NYE. I added in my great-grandmothers pearl enhancer on a gold chain to give it a true old school feel as well :)
So now I think I would need to add tights… I mean seriously… HOW COLD has it gotten in the past two weeks?

I'm excited to style this sweater in other ways because it has zippers on the bottom too! I got it for Christmas and have been thinking up new ways to wear it. Yesterday I wore it with black pants and my black TB boots… typical Jenn. All black to feel sleek haha

Love Always,

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