Tuesday, January 27, 2015

{five things | 1.27.15}

Five things that are currently making me happy…

1 // I was given a Voluspa candle over Christmas and have been obsessed with the perfect scent. I recently added another one to my collection… it is so me. Isn't it funny how a certain scent just reminds you of home? I can't put my finger on what exactly it reminds me of. It just instantly helps me relax! I'll probably go through this one in a couple of weeks.

2 // Corgis. If you think I'm obsessed with my dog, Kelty, then you know that the obsession extends to all things Corgi. His little fluff butt brightens my day and every time I see another Corgi I feel like I'm looking at my own puppy (okay, so he's 10 but still)! I just love everything about them!! Those little legs and big ears!! Gahh!! Fun fact: the Queen of England has Corgis… and my dad is Welsh… so that's why he said if we're getting a dog it has to be a Welsh Corgi ;)

3 // Graffiato Brunch. I recently went to brunch on Sunday (as you could probably tell by this photo) and had such a great time catching up with my girlfriends! One of them got engaged recently and has the most hilarious sense of humor… and the MOST gorgeous ring! She discovered a new way to photograph your ring AND meal at the same time. Pure Insta genius I'm telling ya ;) I loved hearing how she got engaged and all of the wedding planning that's started (or hasn't hehe). She's even planning on making her dress. Amazing! Nothing better than food and friends!
PS. if you go - those are the ribs pictured

4 // Joe Jonas posted this on Instagram the other week and I had to steal it. So much negativity flies around on that social media site that I love when I find little snippets of laughter. I'm telling ya… I laughed way too hard at this. Oops! Guinea pigs just crack me up.

5 // How to be the New Girl by Maxie McCoy. The College Prepster posted this only yesterday and it instantly resonated with me. I'm pretty good at meeting new people and putting myself out there but I've recently had some moments where I've gotten so insecure that I become myself's worst critic. To the point where I could back out of a situation I wasn't 100% confident in! Reading this yesterday was a nice little reminder that feeling like or being the new girl is okay and good for you - simply embrace it! Even the most confident girls need a little reminder every now and then that feeling uncomfortable is normal. If you're in a new place or at a new school you've got a great thing going!

Hope everyone is staying warm in this snow… if you're getting it!

Love Always,


  1. Those cute puppy paws!! How sweet!

    1. Every. Time. I just melt!! Paired with that little fluffy booty? Precious! I definitely over used my exclamation points when writing up that paragraph... too much excitement that couldn't be contained :)
      xoxo, Jennifer


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