Friday, January 9, 2015

{rainy day blues}

Some bright colors were necessary to brighten up this rainy day!

photography by Emily Smalling

London Grace Boutique Top ℅ (chevron sold out, paisley) // London Grace Boutique Tassel Bracelet ℅ ($12!) // Gigi New York Purse // Hunter Boots via Nordstrom (mine are Graphite Gloss) // BaubleBar Acrylic Double Monogram Necklace (mine is the mini in gold acrylic, $48)

This adorable, chevron, brightly colored top was perfect to lift my mood. I love the "piko style" with long sleeves and a loose fit throughout the body and I especially love how this one has some length to it! One of my New Years resolutions is to bring more color into my winter wardrobe (I don't have that problem in the summer ha) so when London Grace sent me this top it was perfect to start off this year. Plus, a turquoise tassel bracelet? HELLO! Y'all know I'm a sucker for tassels and turquoise!
Guess what?! You can get your own for 20% with code WELOVEANCHORS! The code is good through the end of January… how about we all agree to wear color in the winter and start off with a tassel ;) so many colors!!

Hard to believe that last weekend it was warm and rainy and now it's snowing and windy! Luckily my Hunter rain boots transition from rain to snow perfectly… I just add in my cute boot socks! Now I need to get these shearling boot inserts and I'll be all set! (Still waiting for Bean Boots to come back in stock haha)

PS boy am I ready for this weekend - even though I'm home for a dentist appointment to get some fillings, ugh - we had a pipe burst in our garage last night and had to turn our water off before we had even finished dinner. Dang freezing temps are screwing everything up! I never had a chance to shower after I worked out last night… YIKES! Luckily my office has a shower off the little gym in the basement sooo that's where I'm getting ready this morning. Cute!

Love Always,

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