Thursday, August 7, 2014

{what's in my bag: travel}

Today I fly out to Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate one of my favorite people at her Bachelorette Party!!
I am BEYOND excited for all of the festivities about to occur :)
I tend to travel with a Mary Poppins style bag so I thought I would tell y'all what goes in it when I travel.  Since I have a million clutches and lipsticks I always clean out my bag right before I fly and pack it with the essentials so it's easier to carry and I can fill it with snacks hehe.

Large Tote  // Sunglasses // Book // Magazine // Chapstick // Lotion // Jewelry Pouch // Makeup Pouch // Scarf // Headphones // Backup Charger need this // Sandals // Hat

Some of these things are obvious… a good book, magazine, gum, earphones, etc.
But, one thing my momma taught me is to always, always, carry on your jewelry and makeup. Why? Because you don't want all of your makeup breaking (broken bronzer is the worst) and you don't want to risk your jewelry being stolen out of your luggage (ohhh it's happened). I also bring a scarf with me that can double as a blanket; Lightweight and bright in the summer and cashmere in the winter.

side note: I always keep a spare pair of shorts and underwear in my bag as well in case my luggage gets lost. Plus a bathing suit if it's a tropical vacay! #lostluggagesucks

Do y'all have any carry-on or packing suggestions?

Love Always,

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