Tuesday, August 19, 2014

{wardrobe transitions}

SPRING: Skirt // Shoes // Shirt // Necklace // Purse // Lips "Chunky Cherry" // Sunglasses

FALL: Skirt // Rings // Earrings // Lips "Tolede" // Necklace //  // Hat // Sweater // Flats // Purse

WINTER: Skirt // Shoes // Pendant Necklace // Long Necklace // Lips "Cockney" // Tights // Sweater // Clutch // Ring

I always joke that my go-to outfit is navy and white. So today, I thought I would show you how I plan on wearing that color combo through Spring, Fall, and Winter. It's always about the accessories in my book! I also thought it would be fun to pick one item (everyone raves about this skirt) and style it through all three seasons. It's important to be able to style one piece multiple ways so you can get more use out of it. Especially during the end of the year because the weather gets so iffy! One second it's warm and sunny… the next it's a polar vortex!! Ugh, fingers crossed this winter doesn't go like that this year. I'll list my fall essentials later on, but for now, let's enjoy the last bit of summer! Time to get as much sunshine as I can out of August :)

Love Always,

PS. how would you style this navy skirt? Any ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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