Thursday, August 28, 2014

{back to school: random needs}

College Kids are officially back at school! If you're a new freshman and you're reading this blog post… boy, am I jealous! What I wouldn't do to be back at my alma mater as a college freshman learning the in's and out's of dorm life, meeting new friends, discovering where to eat, and figuring out how to dress for classes (more on that in future posts, but I wore a uniform my whole life so figuring out a personal style was a big deal)!

Throw Pillows // Converse // Longchamp // Hunter Rainboots // Ray-Bans // Southern Tide Croakies // Rifle Paper Co. Phone Case // Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks // Kate Spade Agenda // Jonathan Adler Tray // Coordinates Collection Necklace // Shop Dandy Coffee Mug // Apple Laptop // Vera Bradley Case // PB Teen Towel Wrap

Everything on this list is what I gravitated towards during the first couple of months. They are totally random but when I sat down to make "the list" they are the first things I thought of. I didn't put pens or pencils because I only used expensive design school pens… Everyone has their preference for what the "basics" are but mine all come with a story. It'd take me 5 posts to explain exactly why the story made me choose each item as a basic so I'll save that for a long chat over cocktails ;)

Some are obvious, co-ed showers or getting ready with girls: towel wrap. Lounging around with friends: comfy throw pillows to lean on or prop yourself up. Keeping organized for classes: Laptop, laptop case (protect it! It will be your life!), notebooks, and an agenda.

Some not so obvious, Converse sneakers: I walked to class and would be back and forth all day. If I had had these during my college day I would've LIVED in them! Rainboots: yep, still walking to class. I've had my Hunter boots for 4 years and they've never sprung a leak! Side note: they look great with any school colors at a football game ;). Croakies: you WILL at some point lose your nice sunglasses… prevent it with croakies (I own 5 pairs… oops?).

Miscellaneous items:
Coordinates Collection Necklace: I've always been one to wear a simple gold necklace with everything, I normally wear this or my "karma" Dogeared necklace. This necklace was a gift to me post-college with Virginia Tech coordinates but it'd be a great way to wear a bit of your hometown at school! Longchamp purse: I was never a backpack girl. This bag was big enough to hold my laptop and textbooks but still looked cute and had a nice big strap. Phone case: because, duh. I recently saw this on instagram and then my coworker had it! It's so adorable, especially if you have the gold iPhone! Jewelry tray: a great place to throw things like that every day necklace and not have it slip in between your notebooks and pencils. Y'all this is seriously a must need for me. The number of times I would take off jewelry after a long night and have NO clue where it went the next morning. ugh! Coffee mug: one of the best parts about making your own schedule is also making "you time". Important for sanity! If you're going to have your dishes sitting out (limited space) they might as well be cheeky and cute!

 Anything else you think is a basic back to school necessity?

Love Always,

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