Monday, April 20, 2020

{spring sephora sale | cart + favorites}

I don't share beauty and skincare too often on here because when I become obsessed with something I stick with it for awhile... but I truly love trying out new products more than anything! I have a bin filled with samples that I test out on the daily because I love seeing if something will work better for my skin! The Sephora Spring Sale is one of my favorite events because it's a chance to get some new things at a discounted rate and stock up on favorites. If you know you're going to need new concealer at some point you might as well get it when there's a discount, right? That's my thought process at least! Plus, this time around there's free shipping! YAY! I'm sharing all of the details on the sale here & I'm listing out what's in my cart, my makeup faves, my skincare faves, and my haircare faves! So many favorites!!

Pretty much all of my makeup is available via Sephora. I don't wear too much and I'm certainly not a pro but I love that all of these are quality products that have lasted awhile!

This is a weird time we're living in so by no means do you need any of this! However, it's important that we're taking care of ourselves during this season of high anxiety and stress. I've found that a great skincare routine can help maintain any flare ups and it allows some "me time" every morning and night. Indulging your hair with no heat right now has also been a big plus - sometimes time off is the best antidote for split ends and frizzy roots! 

Without further ado... my favorites! Click any image that you want to shop!

Are y'all buying new things or stocking up on favorites?? I'm only a VIB so I can't shop until Tuesday but my cart is locked and loaded :)

Love Always,

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