Monday, March 16, 2020

{work from home | quick morning clean}

I shared some of my best work from home tips last week (read it here) and promised that I would go into more detail about my morning cleaning routine. Basically, how I prep my house for a full day of work. I'm someone that can't function in a messy space so it's important for me to take time to get everything in order so that I'm not distracted. Overall it takes me maybe 10-15 minutes. I do this quick clean every morning as part of my routine to help me get in the mindset of work! Some days are faster than others depending on how messy everything was left the night before.

Make the Bed // Always the first thing that I do... you either do or you don't haha. We have a tiny house so I hate being able to see an unmade bed from my desk. This also helps prevent me from climbing back in lol.

Diffuse Oils // Okay so this isn't cleaning but I turn our diffuser on every morning. The smell of something fresh and bright helps wake me up and puts me in a great mood to start off the day and help get rid of any lingering kitchen smells.

Fluff the Couch & Straighten Coffee Table // I fluff and arrange the pillows how I like them, then fold the blankets and put them away in a basket next to the couch. I wipe down the coffee table with a Clorox wipe, stack the coasters, and just straighten or organize anything that's on there.

Dishes // Any dishes left out to dry from the night before I put away and any dishes in the sink I'll put in the dishwasher. My kitchen is directly behind me at my desk so this is a main area I need to keep clean since it would be in direct view during a Skype call.

Wipe Down Counters & Stove Top // Once the counters are clutter free I wipe them down with Clorox to disinfect. Our counters are commonly a dumping ground so lots of things touch them. I've also most likely splattered food while cooking the night before so I give our electric stove top a quick rub down with the same wipe before putting the kettle on (tea drinker here).

Put Things Away // A very broad clean... if something's not in it's place, ex: a pair of my shoes I took off, then I put it back where it belongs. Sometimes Kyle will leave a shirt on his dresser or I'll have left mail on the dining room table. I just put it back where it belongs! I also do this in the bedroom - clothes in hamper, shoes in closet, etc.

Prep Dining Table // Our dining table is where I work every day so I Clorox the surface to make sure there's no food hanging out and move our centerpiece out of the way. Then I pull out all of my work stuff, set it up on the table and plug my laptop in.

At this point in my routine the kettle is whistling so I'll pull out my vitamins, make my morning drink and begin getting ready for the day aka showering or changing out of pajamas (or early am workout clothes), brushing my hair, and putting makeup on if I feel like it. Then I sit down at the table and get ready to work. I like having my desk set up before I get ready for the day because it provides the illusion that I'm "arriving" to work - probably weird but it works for me!

Hope everyone is ready to tackle the day :) Does anybody else have to do this before starting their day? Cleaning doesn't bother me so this is a nice little process each morning to help me rise & shine!

Love Always,

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  1. I love this! I am strict about making my bed everyday, but I'm wondering if I could start incorporating a few of these others things into my morning routine as well. :)

    xoxo A


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