Tuesday, April 16, 2019

{wrap skirt + amazon one shoulder top}

I've been drawn to lots of pinks lately. Perhaps it's all of the flowers in Key West. I love it paired with a  crisp white - it makes the pink really stand out and take front stage. This skirt was so much fun to wear because of the twist in the front. I loved that it showed some leg in the front but was longer in the back. In March/April it's cooler in the keys at night because there's a slight breeze from the water and low humidity. I paired it with a jean jacket when I went on a sunset sail cruise with my girl friends! Such a simple look with a lot of personality.

This one shoulder crop top goes with just about anything and I love that you can pick which shoulder you want it to be on (no designated front or back). You know how some people have favorite sides to get their photo taken? I feel like that's how I am with shoulders too haha - I like having the shoulder strap be on my left side because that's where I tend to pull my hair. Is that just me?

This front door in Key West was so dreamy that I purposefully rode my bike by it every day - I loved that the color was more muted than the bright yellows, blues, and pinks you see other houses painted. Just such a gorgeous contrast to the bougainvillea!

Love Always,

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