Thursday, April 11, 2019

{spring open knit sweater}

Spring is officially here and with it comes... unpredictable weather!

Open Knit Sweater // Sugarfix Earrings // Forever 21 Purse (not online, similar) // Blue Jeans //

Spring is a gorgeous time of year with the flowers blooming and warm weather... but only when the sun is shining! When it's windy and cloudy it can be quite chilly. I love an open knit sweater for days like that - it's just enough warmth on your arms but it still allows you to feel the sun shining if it peaks out from the clouds. I also wore this sweater as a bathing suit cover up while I was in Key West! This cute cropped sweater (I'm wearing a Medium for an oversized fit) is fun slouched off one shoulder to give it some sass. I rolled the sleeves up to give it some more character as well. It doesn't necessarily protect against strong gusts but when you're sitting in the shade it provides some cover to keep your arms warm!

Love Always,

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