Wednesday, September 6, 2017

{red dress + saving and investing as an adult}

I love buying new clothes... I mean what girl doesn't? Sometimes I find wearing a new dress to a special event acts as a confidence booster. I'm not exactly sure why - maybe it's because I know exactly what to wear if I buy it and the adrenaline rush of shopping is euphoric (don't deny it). However, shopping for new clothes for every single event doesn't make sense. I would have no money if I shopped all day or weekend. So when you find a $15 dress that you can wear multiple times (wedding, date night, casual Saturday night, etc.) I consider that a win for your wardrobe and your wallet.

Saving as an adult is no joke, it's hard. I'm hoping that's not just me... I constantly feel like I'm having to decide between going out with friends or saving a little more money every month. Between paying rent, student loans, utilities, groceries, and even paying to do my laundry, it's difficult to start creating a savings account.  I've had to save for a couple of investment purchases - the ultimate #adulting task. I was thinking about how long I saved up for my sofa the other day and I began to compile a list of things that everyone should invest in or simply have once they graduate college and begin living on their own. Besides starting a savings account, beginning a line of credit, and knowing how to do laundry these are things that everyone should invest in:

1. Luggage - I splurged on my luggage and am so grateful that I did every time I take a trip. Having 360 wheels and a hard shell keeps my belongings safe and I know my luggage will be able to withstand the beating of an airport. I'm a firm believer in traveling in style as well and this luggage makes me feel pretty fancy.

2. Work Purse - I believe this one is self explanatory. Dress for the job you want and act the part! I constantly notice new graduates coming in to interview at my office with a worn out bag or canvas tote. While I love my canvas totes, they're reserved for carrying my change of shoes and my lunch.

3. Mattress - I'm adding this to the list because it's sadly something I haven't invested in. I bought a cheap mattress when I moved to DC because I needed one right away and it's definitely seen better days. I have a couple of friends that have a Casper mattress and they swear by it! I'm going to save up for this next!

4. Pots and Pans - No more meal plans on campus so it's time to grow up and learn to cook. You can't make a simple pasta dish if your noodles are sticking to the pan :) I got all of mine from Home Goods. When your friends and family come over they'll be impressed because your kitchen will match and you'll look more grown up.

5. Tool Kit - My brother bought me a simple Ikea tool kit when I went off to college and I've had it since that first day at VT. Every girl needs to learn how to hang a photo and fix something herself! I was given a power drill from a contractor three years ago and that's also come in handy - hanging curtains and shelves requires a bit more power.

6. Steamer - This goes along with dressing for the job you want. It's very unprofessional showing up to work in a wrinkled dress that looks like you pulled it from the back of your closet.

7. Sofa - I already mentioned this but this was my first save and invest piece! It is the center piece of my entire living room and where all of my friends congregate when they come over. It's a sturdy piece that will last me for years and I love how comfortable it is. I shopped and saved for over three months before I finally made the big purchase!

Do y'all have anything you would add to the save and invest list? Adulting is hard but with the right tools at your hand you can accomplish anything - especially in a $15 dress ;)

Love Always,

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  1. I loved this post! Luggage is definitely next on my list. When I graduated college, my mom bought me a luggage set that wasn't the sturdiest to begin with. Now it's looking weathered from many work trips and the wheels tend to stick. I'm definitely saving up for! They even have a USB port, which is going to come in handy! Still working on picking a color, haha. Cheers!


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