Wednesday, September 27, 2017

{BeYu Cosmetics mascara | my secret to long lashes}

It's no secret that my lashes are my power move. When I put mascara on I feel more like myself - more feminine! If I could only put on one piece of makeup every day I would choose mascara. Y'all have seen my beauty reviews before... I'm always looking for the next best mascara that will make my lashes look longer, thicker, and fuller. I love combining mascaras to achieve the look I love! After a couple of failed mascara attempts from well-known popular brands (chunky lashes, flaking, etc.) I decided it was time to go back to the drawing board. Then BeYu cosmetics was introduced to me!  First, I learned all the excellent basics: no animal testing, fragrance free, good for sensitive skin, and in a wide variety of pigments and shades (hello, options). Then, it came down to the true tests - application and lasting power.

I tried four different types: Lash Expert - volume & curl, Power Volume - boosting effect, Power Volume - boosting effect & waterproof, and Beauty Queen - volume mascara waterproof. I was really surprised to like all 4 (I'm seriously picky haha)! None of the bristles made my lashes clump on first swipe and the product was distributed evenly across the bristles.

My favorite combo was the Lash Expert Volume & Curl first and then Power Volume with Boosting Effect layered over. The volume & curl distributed really well and I could already tell it was lengthening them. The boosting effect helped thicken up the roots and define my outer and inner lashes (those tiny lashes that never seem to hold mascara for me). I have really long, natural lashes but they're just blonde haha.

I applied this mascara early Sunday morning for a day of shoots, brunch, car ride home, and then dinner with my girl friends followed by some casual tears through a movie (typical Jenn). I'm not lying when I say that my mascara didn't run AT ALL. I wasn't even wearing the waterproof mascara!! I was shocked and thrilled that I didn't look like a hot mess after.

On the left: my right eye with one application of Lash Expert Volume & Curl mascara (bright blue tube) and my left eye is bare.
On the right: both eyes with Lash Expert and a layer of Power Volume Mascara Boosting Effect (silver tube).

So where can you find my new favorite mascara brand?! Wegman's! The magical store (I could spend hours in) sells this magical mascara. Looking for your closest Wegman's? Find the one closest to you here. If you don't have a store near you then you can shop online at Target here!

Have y'all tried this brand before? I'd love to know your thoughts. Also, if you purchase it let me know! I'm excited to have fallen in love with a mascara that's actually in a reasonable price range!!

*This post was sponsored by BeYu Cosmetics - but all opinions, photos, and thoughts are my own. I've been using these mascaras for the past month and am genuinely a fan and am excited to keep using them!*

Love Always,

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