Monday, July 18, 2016

{#NSale | home edition}

Whelp, the cat's out of the bag - I'm moving at the end of this month! I'm heading into the city (finally) and will be living by myself in a studio :) It's a pretty scary new adventure... I can't lie! However, what I'm most excited about is decorating my new space! All me. All mine. Now that is what I'm talking about! Everyone (including myself - check out my post here) keeps talking about all of the amazing clothes on sale but I recently browsed through the home section and it's just as good! I've listed my favorites below!

Psst! This post is shoppable - just click on the product you want to shop!

I'm going for a neutral look with textural and metal accents. I always make the big pops of color be in pieces that I can change out - like pillows, blankets, shelving decor, etc. Plus, I still have to purchase a sofa and furniture! Can't wait to bring it all together and show y'all :)

Love Always,

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