Friday, July 22, 2016

{come one, come all... Nordstrom Anniversary Sale}

The title of this post sums up why everyone is STILL talking about the Nordstrom sale. Because it's a steal... as much as we don't want summer to end the temperatures will finally start to drop. So it's time to think into the future (for just until August 8th) and at least have something fun and new waiting for you when it hits the 70s!

Shop my favorites here and my home picks here.

I browsed through what was left last night and picked out some more favorites... hopefully everything gets restocked if sizes are missing :) they were pretty good about it last week!

Psst. This post is SHOPPABLE! Simply click the image you want to view!


Love Always,

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  1. I am loving your picks . . . trying not to shop and seeing all these Nordstrom post are killing my life but hey at least they are on sale! That's a good excuse right?

    Life is just Rosie


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