Tuesday, June 21, 2016

{coffee date no. 5}

Grab a cup of coffee - I've got my fifth coffee date to share with y'all. Let's start off with some of my recent purchases that you can shop before they hit the blog! I've been working hard on getting lots of looks shot. I can't wait to show you everything for this summer :)

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A lot has been happening recently. June was a bit slow with blogging for me - I took a step back to focus on friends and figure out myself a bit. It wasn't anything I had planned, but when I realized I felt better letting myself be okay with not having 3-4 posts a week a weight was lifted. Blogging has always been my escape from reality but sometimes it just adds more pressure. I'm even struggling while writing this post... I feel awkward with words and not knowing what y'all want to see or read. I guess I've been going through so many personal issues and struggles that I've lost touch with what makes me happy. I'm trying to get back into a routine but that's proving to be difficult (in part because coming back from vacation isn't easy haha). There are a lot of big changes happening - I told myself that 26 was going to be a fresh start and that's already been the case in a lot of unexpected ways.

Alright enough with the heavy stuff... hopefully that will all work itself out! I want to fill you guys in on the fun things that have been happening! I always like seeing snapshots of blogger's lives beyond the blog so that's why I like sharing these coffee dates with you!

MAY // May started off with my 26th birthday! It was so great to spend so much time with all of my friends from all different parts of my life. I love birthdays because it's an excuse to get everyone together and reconnect with old friends - I really needed some extra TLC this birthday because my dad had just gotten out of the ICU. He was in the hospital for 9 days with a really bad infection in his jaw that didn't get better because of his cancer. He's doing much better now! My girls made me feel so special and loved - plus, it was great to finally have had a weekend in DC!

I went to a horse race called Gold Cup with a bunch of fellow architects and was lucky to find my two best gals, Kristyn and Lauren! It was the best Saturday spent walking around in rain boots (because of the mud) drinking Mint Juleps and boozy Lemonade cocktails while playing corn hole, eating, and watching the horses race!

A fun Blog Societies meet up with a bunch of Virginia and DC girls! I'm headed back to Charleston in August and can. not. wait. I'll be staying with my sweet friend Brittney Ann and can't wait to be reunited!! Bachelor Monday's just aren't the same with her and our red wine shenanigans (be sure to follow me on snap so you can see everything that goes on: jennrog3)

I began checking off my Spring to-do list... I guess now it's becoming a Summer to-do list hehe. I've been checking them off slowly and I'm really proud! It's funny how creating a list like that gives you ideas for a day off.

Witnessing an incredible marriage of two amazing people - and seeing my gal pals!! And guess who caught the bouquet again bahaha

Memorial Day Weekend :) y'all know this is my favorite weekend of the whole summer. It did NOT disappoint. From slip-and-flip to chilling on pizza floats to creating relay races. Putting a bunch of people in a big house to just hang out and do nothing is my kind of fun!

JUNE // This month started off with the 6th Annual Watermelon Bowl. My college friends and I made up this wacky game 6 summers ago when we were lounging on a dock at Lake Anna. A greased up watermelon, two teams, murky lake water, and a lot of football style tackles later... the Watermelon Bowl was created. Nowadays it's less about the sports and more about getting together post-college. Plus, a weekend on the lake is never a bad thing! Did I mention it's just a lot of guys playing football in the water with a watermelon?? haha yep.

Okay guys - the MOST exciting thing happened this month too.... I PASSED MY CERTIFICATION EXAMS!!! Yaaaasss!!! It's funny because my last coffee date was all about this exam because I had been getting lots of texts, snaps and emails about it! I still can't believe that it's over and I did it haha reality will sink in soon but for now this high is great!

My trip to Key West was easily the highlight of June - don't worry... I'll have LOTS of posts detailing my trip and will be sure to share all of my recommendations and outfit posts!

Last weekend I was home for Father's Day and my sister was in town! It was great to have no plans and just lounge around with my family grilling and talking. We even had an impromptu photo shoot with my Dad to get some good pictures.

SUMMER // So what's coming next? Obviously, more outfit posts ;) a couple of travel guides, holiday inspiration, some huge sales, and a bit more home decor posts (hint hint big changes). Is there anything you want to see or read?? I'd love to know! What do you like to see best? Thanks for sticking around and checking back on this little ole blog of mine. XOXO

Love Always,


  1. You've been missed! So happy that you are back :) It always feels good to take a step back now and then. I totally agree that the fun part about blogging can sometimes get stamped out by the more stressful parts like constant content creation. Anyway, can't wait to see you in August!!! Yay!

    xo, Annie

    1. Your comments always make my day!! It felt good to take a step back... the joys were just overshadowed by life, ya know? Can't wait to see you in August, too!! YAY!
      xoxo, Jenn

  2. LOVE this post for obvious reasons!! :) hehe but always love a good recap!! So many great memories with you this past month!! Xo


    1. Thanks, love!! Happy that you love these :) SO many great memories and I can't wait to make even more!!
      xoxo, Jenn

  3. So happy you're back! I love these kinds of posts - it's nice to see what you're up to and even hearing about your setbacks/personal struggles...cause hey, we're all human! Can't wait to see you in August!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    1. Me too! It's nice pulling back the curtain a bit :) You're so right about being human... I think I forget that since so much of blogging is just the shiny, pretty part of people's lives. CAN'T WAIT EITHER! <3
      xoxo, Jenn


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