Tuesday, March 22, 2016

{spring to-do list}

I'm so ready to break out my sandals and begin creating new memories this year! Spring is my favorite season so I've started a list of things I want to do :) some old and some new. I have some weddings this season that will create the perfect opportunity to get me out of DC and exploring new things. Anything you want to cross off your list this year? My list is slightly ambitious so it may extend into summer hehe.

1 // Grow an herb garden - mint, basil, rosemary, etc! [Completed and growing perfectly!!]

2 // Go hiking with friends

3 // Explore Union Market (hard to believe I've never done this before...)

4 // Plan a weekend trip away [Trip to Key West - check! A bit more than a weekend too ;)]

5 // Visit the Cherry Blossom Festival - despite the tourists

6 // Picnic in the park

7 // Purge my closet - everything that doesn't sell will be donated! [SEVEN trash bags full of winter/spring/summer clothes was taken to Goodwill!! YES!]

8 // Saturday Farmer's Market

9 // Try a new barbecue recipe [Rosemary marinated chicken... putting those herbs to use!]

10 // Learn to play golf (I swear I say this every year)

11 // Discover a new part of the city [Kalorama - where Obama will be living soon]

12 // Finally eat at Rose's Luxury

13 // Pick fresh flowers [One little flower for my desk...]

14 // Plan a date with a friend I haven't seen in awhile [Red wine with a high school friend!]

15 // Make a pitcher of sangria (one that I've never made before!)

16 // Volunteer my time

17 // Take a trip to Chicago to visit my sister!

18 // Tour the monuments on foot (my favorite activity on a Saturday)

19 // Rent a kayak in Georgetown

20 // Go to an outdoor concert

Love Always,


  1. Love your list!! I think you missed something though: winery trip(s) ;)

  2. How could I forget?!?! Time to plan one ASAP!! Especially since I never got to go to the last TWO. Ugh!
    Xoxo! Love you my sweet friend!

  3. I want to do a herb garden too! I went through a major closet purge, and used thredup to sell my clothes - you just mail it all in and whatever they don't take you can either have shipped back to you, or they'll recycle it responsibly! If you're interested - http://www.thredup.com/r/N4YGFZ

    I highly recommend a visit to Chicago - that's where I'm at! Come when it's warm so you can fully enjoy patio season and the lakefront! :)


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