Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{california dreaming}

I was on vacation for the last 10 days and now it feels like it was all just a dream… I didn't fully intend to take a break from blogging as well but when I got with my family it only felt right. I was so mentally drained from work, responsibilities, worrying about other people, keeping up with blogging, social media, etc. that I really lost touch with my own personal happiness. Nothing makes you happier than being with your entire family in California, right?! I didn't take too many photos (I really only snapchatted and instagrammed a couple of times) but I thought it would be fun to recap some of my vacation and share with y'all details of what I wore. This was a vacation of repeats - a lot of my outfits I had already blogged. I knew that I would be 100% comfortable and happy in them and it meant I didn't have to worry about photographing for a shoot (which is fun, don't get me wrong).

Flying out to California meant a long day of travel… almost 12 hours starting at 4am East coast time. My flight essentials were a cozy sweater, a matcha latte and my iPad filled up with one of my favorite tv shows (season 2 of Reign - anyone else obsessed?)

When I arrived in California it was 1:30 so my Mimi and I went out to grab Mexican (I have salsa running in my veins) for a late lunch and then we enjoyed happy hour out by the pool. I forced myself to stay up until 10pm West coast time so that I could begin transitioning time-wise… not too easy!

Kendra Scott Necklace // Francesca's Tassel Shirt, not online // White Pants // Joie Sandals

Much to my dismay I woke up around 7am (I felt like I had slept until noon!) so I enjoyed a cool CA morning in my favorite lounge wear ;) My roomies probably hate me for wearing this AGAIN!

Tuesday afternoon my Momma arrived so after getting Mexican again (it really is an addiction) we had another repeat of the night before… cocktails out by the pool! There's nothing better than sitting in the warm sun talking with the two women I love most and watching the sun set!

And speaking of sunsets… this one was a beaut! I could look at the sky in CA for hours.

Wednesday consisted of one thing: POOL. My sister arrived late so we hung out around the house all day, played cards, talked, and enjoyed a quiet meal at home together.

Thursday was a day FULL of arrivals!! The best part? My Jon got to come out to see everyone :) I promise he was happy to be there… he was just starving and I made him take a picture with me before I'd let him eat his burger. In-N-Out is a must when you've got a hungry guy on your hands! I wish I had gotten two burgers hehe

Then we enjoyed another beautiful sunset and waited for my Dad and my sister's boyfriend to arrive late Thursday night :)

Friday was our travel day - the whole reason for everyone gathering in CA was to celebrate my Uncle getting married!!! We had a 2 hour drive to Sacramento so I threw on this comfortable romper that I knew I could go from car ride to meeting more family in.

Friday night was the Rehearsal Dinner! I can't believe I didn't get any good pictures with Jon, Samantha or my family but I wore this dress in ice blue (I last wore it here). I always receive sooooo many compliments when I wear it. It's perfect to dance in and truly flattering!

Burke (cousin), Jon, Mimi (grandmother), Mark (sister's bf), and Samantha (sister)

Uncle John, Suzy (my new Aunt!!!), and Mimi

Saturday was such a blur!! We woke up early and were ready to get the day started - okay, so I woke up at 9 and was ready to explore and see everything. Everyone else was pretty tired after the Rehearsal dinner so I was in charge of bringing the whole group coffees ;) Once the group was dressed we walked around Old Sacramento. It was so cool because it looked like it was straight out of the Wild West! Our hotel was next to this bridge that had been painted gold… no clue why… but it was quite the landmark!

Of course we stopped in every candy store… Salt water taffy is delicious!!

 Then it was FINALLY time to see my Uncle and new Aunt get married!!!! We headed to The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento and I was blown away at how gorgeous it was. The ceremony and reception were both at the same place and all of the trees had lights strung up in them. So stunning.


My mom and her matched up groomsman :)
They were so funny walking back down the aisle!

Posing with my sister and grandma

So happy my Dad made it out to join us!!

Then Sunday rolled around… Boy were we all tired. I could've slept for days! Jon left around 4am (yikes) and my sister left with Mark around 9am so it was just my mom, dad, and Mimi who headed to a small party at my Aunt and Uncle's house. I knew we would be hanging out with Suzy's friends and family so I wanted to look cute while still being comfortable. Perfect answer? A skort. Yep, bringing it back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is having a great week so far - Happy Hump Day! Hope y'all didn't miss me too much ;) I'm happy to be back to blogging and can't wait to shoot with Emily this weekend! I've got some exciting things coming up!

Love Always,

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  1. I absolutely love that red multi-way dress! It looks so effortlessly beautiful on you!


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