Thursday, April 30, 2015

{lounging + study tips}

This past weekend I finally had a chance to relax and do NOTHING!

photography by Emily Smalling

H&M Sweatshirt (I'm wearing a M) // Free People shorts // Coffee Mug // Earrings // Coordinates Collection Necklace // Gorjana Rings via Rocksbox (use code JENNIFERXOXO1 to get your first month free)

I'm sure you guys noticed me talking about taking two certification exams last Thursday and Friday… Well they're over and I can breathe normally again (until 8 weeks from now when I get the results back to see if I actually passed. HA).  For now, I'm relaxing and drinking my cup of tea a little bit slower in the mornings. I've been living in these Free People shorts and H&M sweatshirt (seriously - just ask my roomies haha oops). It's just such a comfy combo! I love sitting out on the patio in the morning and feeling the sun on my face :) Obviously this only happens on the weekends because I like to sleep wayyyy too much during the week and I'm a diva and eat breakfast the second I wake up! (Yes, I really do sleep in my jewelry. Ugh, even though I have a catch-all tray on my night stand I just can't remember every night.)

In the spirit of me finishing my exams and a lot of y'all beginning them (sorry) I thought I would share a couple of my tips that I've learned over the years and had to reteach myself this time around. As I'm sure you know, once you find a routine that works for you, stick with it. You know what's best for you and my tips may not be for everyone!


1 // Turn off your cell phone
This was my biggest issue when I first began reading my text book… I would get bored in 5 seconds and reach for my phone to look at Snapchat. Yikes. I finally had a system where I would put my phone on airplane mode and after an hour I would let myself take a 15 minute break. This way I wouldn't hear a text come through and get distracted for the next hour. When I was taking practice exams this was also a great way to allow myself to fully focus and figure out how long things were taking me.

2 // Flash cards
Quizzing yourself over and over again really engrains specific details in your head. I always make two piles - a yes pile and a no pile. I go through the no pile until they are all "yes" and then I start over.

3 // Talk out loud
If I speak out loud then I not only have to think about what I'm saying but I also comprehend what the answer is better. Plus this way I'm positive that I can actually phrase something the proper way. Just trust me it really helps!!

4 // Don't sit - stand!
Confession: I fell asleep multiple times while sitting on my bed going through flash cards. It wasn't fun waking up 20 minutes later with a kink in my neck and realizing I just wasted valuable time. I tend to pace around my room (while talking) to go through all of the flash cards. It gets my blood flowing and keeps me active and awake. I like to think of it as a mini workout too ;)

5 // Remove all distractions
Turn off the tv, go away from your roommates or family, don't let your pets hang out with you, phone away, laptop away, etc… you get the idea. If you get a solid hour or two of studying in then you can reward yourself with a distraction. Working towards a simple, little goal always helped motivate me to just keep pushing.

6 // Write things down
If you don't know a term then write it down on a notepad using a colored pen. Sometimes seeing something in a visual way will help you recall it later on. This also creates a nice running list of things you want to review the night before.

7 // Practice your mistakes
I took multiple practice exams and reviewing the things I got wrong and focusing on those areas helped strengthen my weakest points. Having the ability to point out your mistake and understand why you got a question wrong will help you analyze a question better during your test/exam.

8 // Dress for the day
When I spent days at home studying it helped me kick it into gear by showering, getting out of my pi's, and putting on makeup. Yes, seriously, makeup. I felt more like myself and didn't walk past a mirror and think: "dang, you look tired and exhausted" even though I felt like that. Putting your best foot forward gives you confidence - so dress the part.

9 // Sugar kick
My coworker told me that sugar helps stimulate the brain so I'm sticking to that ;)

10 // Double check everything the night before
Don't try to quiz yourself over and over and over. Simply review everything once and do a glance over of all your notes. Getting a good night's sleep should be your #1 priority. Make sure you have your clothes laid out, your bag packed, all forms of identification (I needed a license and passport), and any special kind of paperwork. This will make your morning go smoothly and you won't be rushed to the point you could be late!

Do you have any tips for studying? Any rituals or superstitions?
I used to always wear a "lucky" necklace!

If you're about to graduate then CONGRATS!! Hopefully you chose a major where you never have to take a test again ;) kidding!!

Love Always,


  1. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. That coffee cup is true perfection!
    The Adored Life

  2. Such good tips!! And perfect timing - I have to take an exam for the first time in TWO YEARS next month, so I will definitely keep these in mind as I'm studying!

  3. Wonderful tips!! Even though I'm long past college and don't foresee anymore school in my future :) haha, I can definitely relate to this as far as preparing for things at work!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Congrats on completing those exams! I absolutely love your shorts. Need to get myself a pair of those ASAP :[

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  5. Such great tips, although, congrats on getting through those exams! Those shorts are gorgeous and I absolutely love that mug!

    xo Bree


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