Friday, August 28, 2015

{recipe | moscow mule}

Any guesses as to what my favorite cocktail is? I know I've never mentioned it before… never instagrammed a picture before… never snapchatted about it before ;) When you find something that just hits the spot - you don't stray from it. I know the Moscow Mule has become incredibly trendy recently. Maybe it's because you serve it in adorable copper mugs? I'm a fan because I love anything with mint and citrus in it. The ginger beer gives it the perfect kick and the vodka makes it a little bit stronger. So, since I haven't done a recipe in forever (literally months) I figured I would help y'all get your weekend kick started by providing you responsible adults with the easiest cocktail recipe ever (it's fool proof - you could change these proportions and it'll still be great)!

Now on to this week's #recipeswithmyiphone blog post:

Ginger Beer (I prefer Crabbie's)
Vodka (Tito's is gluten free)
Fresh Mint
Crushed Ice
Lime Wedges (I had juice already made)
Simple Syrup (optional)
Moscow Mule Mug

1. Gather all your ingredients and fill your cup about half way with crushed ice (bonus points if you keep your mugs in the freezer already).

2. Fill the mug 3/4 of the way with ginger beer.

3. Add in two shots of vodka (you can obviously add more or less if you prefer - I like the spiciness of the ginger beer).

4. Chop up the fresh mint and add that to your mug.

5. Squeeze a fresh lime wedge or add in lime juice (fresh is better - I had some from margaritas the weekend before)

6. Add a tablespoon of simple syrup - depending on how sweet you like your moscow mule. [simple syrup is one part boiling water to one part sugar]

7. Mix it all together! I like to put a sprig of mint in the mug to use as a cute stirrer :)

8. ENJOY on a hot summer day! [or lay in your bed and watch snap chats like I prefer to do at night…]

Do you have a favorite cocktail? I love trying new drinks that I can make at home! Please share if you do :) I hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead of them. I'm off to Roanoke for the weekend to see the boy and go to our last wedding of 2015 (we already have 3 on the books for next year)! Phew - we've been to a ton. I'm ready for all of the traveling to slow down a bit so I can enjoy some lazy weekends at home!

Love Always,


  1. YUM I love Moscow Mules – favorite cocktail. Need to try and make them myself!!

    Annie Reeves

  2. Yum! I love a good moscow mule, they're so refreshing and not too hard to make!

  3. Thanks for FINALLY sharing your recipe love!! Can't wait to try one out myself.


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