Friday, June 5, 2015

{summer bucket list}

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This summer is already starting off with a bang and I've got lots of fun things planned but I've still got a list of things I want to cross off this summer! They're not necessarily things I've never done before… just ideas to make this summer the best one yet! Some are silly things like dancing in the rain and others are to do list items like going to a country concert. Either way, it's time to get cracking on the fun!!

1. Watch a sunset on the beach
2. Go fishing with friends
3. Try more summer beers
4. Go see an outdoor movie
5. Have a bonfire with friends - complete with s'mores
6. Plan a trip out of the country
7. Go star gazing with my boy
8. Try out a swanky DC hotel rooftop pool (VIDA with BloggerScene)
9. Create a new cocktail
10. Grow an herb garden
11. Finish a book (check - finished the series too!)
12. See a country concert
13. Take a risk with a summer trend - maybe gladiator sandals?
14. Get a massage and facial (yep, never had either)
15. Have a picnic
16. Take a bike ride and explore DC
17. Finally eat at Rose's Luxury
18. Make my own ice cream
19. Dance in a summer rain storm
20. Outdoor barbecue! I'm a mean griller ;)

What do you want to do this summer?

Love Always,

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  1. What series did you finish? I am looking for something new to read for the rest of the summer!


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