Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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I've been using Rent the Runway for years to rent dresses for black tie weddings, galas, fancy events, etc! But it's been only a year since I started using Unlimited... probably feels like a lot longer since I talk about it all the time, right? I think it's safe to say I'll never turn back. My work wardrobe during the week is pretty much only RTR Unlimited - it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier (and more fun) when I have a new designer or new style to put on. It's also fun to be able to try out accessories like jackets, purses, and jewelry.

I know not everyone is familiar with RTR Unlimited so I'm answering some basic questions for y'all. If you want to try it out you can use code JROGERS50 to get 50% off your first month! That's the BEST deal that Rent the Runway is offering!!

How much is it each month?
It is $159 a month but with my code you get your first month for $79.50!

Is there a limit to how many things you can rent per month?
You can rent up to 4 items at a time with the option of renting additional pieces for an extra price! But you're able to switch out as many times as you want during the month.

How do you return things?
Simply package everything you rented (plastic bags and hangers too) in the blue canvas bag the items were delivered in. There is a prepaid return label inside that you put in the front pocket, zip it up, lock it (with a provided zip tie inside, but it's not necessary), and then place it in a UPS bin. It normally takes two business days to be scanned at a return facility. Once the items are received you'll be able to place your next order in your account.
If you live near a store you can drop off and scan at a RTR - the second you scan the barcode and place the item in a bin a spot opens up in your account. Lots of WeWork locations offer this option too. Scanning and returning in store allows you to avoid the return shipping and delivery times!

What is shipping like?
It normally takes two business days for my order to arrive if I place it before noon!

How does returning things at the store work?
It's a piece of cake: simply find the barcode on the garmet or accessory box/bag and scan it under the iPad's barcode reader, the iPad will say "thank you [your name] for returning your item", place item in the bin along with hangers/plastic/garment delivery bags, and then try on new items to rent right away or place your order online.

Are there limits to what you can rent?
Nope! Everything you see on the Unlimited page is available for you to rent :)

How long can you keep an item?
As long as you want! If you have a RTR Unlimited membership every month then you can rent it as long as you'd like. But, if you're using something that often you should take advantage of your membership and purchase it.

Can I switch out in store if something doesn't fit?
Yes, absolutely. But sizes in stores can be limited so don't bank on a size or item being available. I rely on the online review heavily. I try to make a point of taking a photo of myself in everything I wear so that I can help other future renters out!

Can you go to the store to try on things before?
Yes and if  you find something you love you can rent it and leave with it in one visit.

How does it work with cleaning the clothes? Do you have to wash before returning?
Renting is truly the most sustainable practice in fashion! You don't have to clean or wash anything that you rent. All of the plastic that you send back gets recycled as well. I feel like RTR should be known as a dry cleaning company more than a fashion company because they're sustainable in their practices and delivering clean garments 24/7.

Can you have things sent to your destination?
YES! I was able to test this out when I visited DC last month and it was a game changer. Just make sure your delivery date works with your trip and then send everything back before you travel home. My best friend just used this trick when she visited me in Key West two weeks ago too!

What's your favorite clothing item that you've rented?
This is really hard to say... there are a couple of things that I've gone back and rented a second time and there are also items that I've ended up purchasing. I have a RTR highlight on my Instagram that is dedicated to RTR Unlimited and almost everything I've worn is saved there.

How does renting accessories work?
Exactly like renting clothes. Any accessory rented counts towards your limit of 4. Purses come in bags, jewelry in boxes, and sunglasses in a case. Be sure to hang on to these navy blue covers because the items need to be sent back in them. You may also notice that there are hanging barcodes inside the purses - keep these intact so that they can be returned easily and you won't get charged. Barcodes are on the boxes for all jewelry rented.

Are you able to purchase things that you rent?
Yes AND they're normally for sale at steep discounts!! I've purchased a MinkPink skirt I couldn't live without and a Clare V straw tote bag that I use almost daily! You have to be renting a piece to purchase it. Once you purchase, a spot in your account opens up to rent something new!

Can I rent anything from Unlimited with regular RTR order?
No, not all items available in Unlimited can be rented by someone without a membership. This means that having access to Unlimited gives you a larger variety of designers, styles, and options.

My top tips for using RTR Unlimited:
1. Heart as many things as you want to have a "quick list" of items you want to rent
2. If you love something, purchase it right away! This frees up another spot in your account so that you can maximize your membership.
3. Make multiple lists like "weekend wear", "accessories", "wedding", etc. so that if you need something to rent for a particular event you aren't scrolling through all of your hearts.
4. If something doesn't fit that you rented, send it back ASAP. Especially if you're dealing with shipping times - you don't want to hold on to something because it's taking up a spot!
5. Read all the reviews online and look at photos. I commonly unheart something when I read that it doesn't have a lining or was hard on small chested girls.
6. Know your measurements... for some designers a 2 could be an XS or it could be a S. Knowing your measurements will take out some guesswork and help you get it right the first time.
7. Go out on a limb and try something new. The worst case is you send it back and place another order!
8. Take advantage of the cost savings - use RTR Unlimited for when you travel so that you aren't tempted to buy a new coverup. Rent a coat if you're going someplace cold so that valuable suitcase space isn't wasted with a bulky jacket and you can carry-on!

Did I miss anything? If you have tips - leave them below! I'm always looking for ways to maximize my membership :) Any other questions... let me know! Don't forget to use code JROGERS50 to get 50% off!

*Thank you to Rent The Runway for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. While this post is sponsored, RTR is a company I support, believe in, and have chosen to support for years. Thank you for supporting the businesses that help support this blog so that it can continue to grow.*


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