Monday, November 18, 2019

{6 amazon sweaters for fall}

I shared a quick try-on haul via IG stories today and it made my heart so happy that y'all loved my picks as much as I do! I also asked for everyone's opinions on how to share content like this and got a resounding YES to keeping the try-ons via stories. However, a lot of y'all had a good point that you wanted to have a place where you could go back and search for them on your computer too... SO I will keep doing Instagram try-ons but will upload all of the photos to a post here (along with uploading them all to so that you can find something easily! They are saved in my IG highlights too - I know everyone loves options.

6 Sweaters from Amazon to wear this Fall

Everything is linked below under the individual photos!

$27 - comes in 7 other colors

$26 comes in 5 other colors

$26 comes in 4 other color combinations

$28 comes in 7 other colors

$29 comes in grey and black too

$23 comes in one other colorway

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather or bundling up and staying warm! I always say that it's possible to dress cute even if it's cold and these sweaters prove that :)

Love Always,

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