Thursday, May 9, 2019

{wisteria and gal meets glam}

Wisteria Hysteria was real in DC and getting to walk amongst these heavenly flowers was basically a dream of mine come true!

Photography by Sandy Ma

Over Easter I asked for y'all's vote between the two Gal Meets Glam dresses I own. My intent was to only keep one (they are investments) but I fell so so so hard that I had to keep both. This Courtney dress was from Julia's first collection - it sold out so quickly and I was heartbroken. Dramatic I know but I had an alarm set and got carsick trying to get it haha! I've been following Julia since college (fun fact we're the same age and both Delta Gamma's) and have always admired her work ethic, style, life, etc. Having a piece of her GMG Collection kind of reminds me how far she has come and that I can do the same if I want it badly enough. I also just really really love girly dresses even though I don't get to wear them all the time :) When this Courtney dress came back in stock last month I contemplated getting the pink but knew I had to go with the original dress I thought about all the time... kind of a Craig's List missed connection?!

Sandy and I went to Dumbarton Oaks for these photos and the whole area was an absolute dream. Flowers and new places to explore everywhere you went. The wisteria had just passed peak so when we walked into the courtyard opening with this section I almost squealed in delight (actually I'm pretty sure I did squeal haha) because I thought we had missed the big sections of it growing. After we took these photos Sandy said to me "Okay, so did we get enough Wisteria shots?" hahaha I think it's safe to say we did ;) Absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to go back and explore this hidden gem even more. If you go be sure to bring a student id and you can get in for $5 instead of $10!

Love Always,

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