Tuesday, June 5, 2018

{yellow sundress in sonoma valley}

Over Memorial Day Weekend I went to Sonoma, California for a Bachelorette party for a close friend from high school. I flew in to San Francisco early Thursday morning and then we drove to Sonoma on Friday! We stayed in an insane AirBNB and enjoyed the pool, king size beds, a sauna/steam room. Saturday we hopped on a tour bus and got to visit a bunch of wineries in Sonoma... my favorite was MacRostie Winery and Vineyards. The view was amazing but the wine was even better! We did a comparison tasting - sampling three glasses of Chardonnay together and then three glasses of Pinot Noir. I loved tasting the subtle differences between each one!

My sweet friend Jenna snapped some photos of my outfit in the vines for me so I thought I would share them with y'all. This dress was so comfortable and lightweight for the summer heat - plus it's so dang cute!!

Have you been to Sonoma before? I couldn't believe how beautiful and unique each winery was... and the views! Oh my gosh, sweeping vines up and down everywhere you looked. I am already dreaming about my next trip out to California... I used to spend every summer there with my family and have such amazing memories. Can't wait to make more!

Love Always,


  1. I used to go to Sonoma and the Napa area at crushing season. What a beautiful area. my mother's family is from San Francisco so we used to go to California while we were growing up for vacation. Now it is not so easy to go.
    The last time I was in the area was a few years ago. My husband and I love the area but getting there and then cost is a consideration.
    But every time we have gone we have so enjoyed ourselves. We drive all over the area.
    So glad that you enjoyed the time you were there.

  2. You’re friend did a great job - the photos are beautiful! Also, I’m so excited those earrings are from Target - they look so cute on you! xAllie


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