Tuesday, July 25, 2017

{mini summer beauty haul review | sephora}

I went into Sephora for ONE thing and came out with a little bag of goodies... I just can't help it. But, what girl can? That section with all the samples right along the check out line just tempts you with hidden gems. It's been a month since I brought home these new products so I thought I would give y'all a review on them - what was a hit and what was a miss!

Tarte Scrub Clean Cleansing Set ($12)

I was most excited to try this product. I'm always looking for a good mask and ways to clean deep down in my pores. This packet contains mini samples of full size products that you can buy separately that promise to give you a radiant glow. The whole purpose is so you can try the trio together and then splurge to get the individual pieces at full size. Whelp, I was less than thrilled... there were multiple combinations you could do: oil alone, scrub alone, spot treatment, scrub and oil together, and then the option of using the silicone scrubber. I liked the pink scrubber the most - I now travel with it so that I don't have to carry my Clarisonic! It helps enhance the deep cleanse of any face wash and it doubles as a mini brush cleaner. 

Would I buy it again? Just the pink silicone scrubber.

Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit ($25)

I can't say no to a good mask! The temptation of SIX new masks was too much for me. I also loved that there was one for every occasion. I always admire the Peter Thomas Roth masks when I walk around Sephora (one is legit gold and shiny...). This sampler kit was the first thing in my basket once I found it - whoops. The 6 different masks are: intense hydrating, stem cell bio-repair, lift & firm, purifying, cucumber gel, and pumpkin enzyme. They're all good for different types of skin. You simply cover your face in one of the masks (they're all really thin and light) then wash off with water after 10 minutes. Quick, easy, and mess free. I genuinely liked every mask that I tried! Sometimes it's hard to tell if you got results after such a thin application but my skin felt soft and rejuvenated every time! It was fun to read all of the labels and decide which mask would be best for my skin. Plus, the colors are pretty enticing. I'm wearing the blue mask for extra hydration right now! (The masks don't actually turn your face that color - it's a gel so you can hardly see a tint.)

Would I buy it again? Yes, I'd buy the sampler pack and give each small sample as Christmas gifts with other little goodies and I would buy the Pink mask and Black mask for myself!

Smashbox Spotlight Palette by Casey Holmes ($35)

Okay, THIS was the entire reason for my Sephora visit in the first place. I ran out of my trusty highlighter and had seen this palette by Casey Holmes (an awesome YouTube vlogger) everywhere - no, I have actually seen it all over my Twitter for months. Verdict? It is worth every damn penny!! I got the Pearl Soft Highlight and can't get enough of it. I use the middle color as my regular highlight (cheek bones and bridge of my nose), the left color for the inside corners of my eyes and if I'm feeling a little fancy I use the right color underneath my brows on my lids to make them pop (it's the most sparkly color). A little bit of highlight goes a long way and it stays too. I love being able to put a bit of highlighter on instead of contouring in the summer - people have noticed too! I get compliments on what a great "summer glow" I have ;) haha!

Would I buy it again? Yes, in a heartbeat!!! This highlighter was my favorite purchase!

Clinique Chubby Stick in "Whole Lotta Honey" ($17)

Is it really a trip to Sephora if you don't pick up a new lippie? I love the Clinique chubby sticks because of how moisturizing they are. My first chubby stick was Sophomore year of college in Mega Melon - a color I still continue to purchase. The color is subtle and you can easily layer it to get a richer color on your lips. I use this in the summer as if it's a lip balm - it's that moisturizing. It won't last you through a club sandwich but it will stay put through a morning cup of coffee during a meeting.

Would I buy it again? Yes, and in multiple colors (which I already have hehe)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara ($23)

I hear rave reviews about this mascara brand all the time. I picked it up because so many people have said that it's their favorite and because the waterproof was new. I prefer my mascaras to be waterproof because I'm a crier #allthefeels. I was less than thrilled with this mascara though... I found the application to be really chunky and I wasn't able to get the same extension of my eyelashes because the product was heavy. I have pretty long lashes and the product dried very brittle - so if I had my reading glasses on and hadn't curled my lashes I could hear them scratching against the glass. I would find more mascara flakes under my eyes throughout the day as well. However, I'm still using it because I don't want it to go to waste. I use a Maybelline mascara all over and then I'll apply this one just on the tips very very lightly. It is definitely waterproof so that's a plus!

Would I buy it again? Probably not. I love this It Cosmetics mascara way too much.

Do y'all have any new beauty products that you've tried recently? I'd love to test them out! Also, do you like these kind of posts? Do you like to see haul reviews? Let me know in the comments below :)

Love Always,

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