Wednesday, February 1, 2017

{BoConcept Georgetown}

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with home decor and design. My day job is at an architecture firm in downtown DC! One of my favorite things to do during lunch or after work is to walk down M St in Georgetown and window shop. I always love to pop in the furniture stores to gather some inspiration for work and for my own apartment (I'm constantly changing things around - coffee table layout, bookshelf styling, pillows, bedding, you get the idea....)

BoConcept invited me in to see their store after their new redesign and I was blown away! I came out with so many ideas and a hankering for some new light fixtures. If only my building would let me install a pendant!!

If you're in the Georgetown area you have to go and check out their new store. All of the pillows and little bowls right at the front of the store are perfect to add a quick pick-up to a space that needs something fresh! They also offer interior design services if you're in the market for a full-on redesign (perfect if you're completely starting over and don't even have a vase for flowers).

I love how they weren't afraid to mix different metals - each little accessory reminded me of a jewel. Pops of color and rich fabrics and textiles were everywhere.

BoConcept is a Danish furniture and design store. Their concept is simple - surround yourself with things that you like, what's important to you, and whatever makes it easier to live the life you love. They're passionate about making customized furniture for the urban-minded home owner!

I also found the PERFECT coffee table for anyone living in a small studio!!! I was so excited about this convertible table that I had to make a gif to show y'all how it works! Isn't it cool?? It goes from a coffee table to a dining room table in less than a minute!

They exemplify "thinking better" - always trying to find the best solution for a space. The three floors of the showroom showed off multiple ideas: a sofa for sitting up or lounging, a recliner chair that appears modern, or a sleeper sofa without the bulk.

They're having a magical grand opening party next week so be sure to RSVP - they told me about some of the entertainment and it truly is going to be pure magic ;)

Love Always,


  1. I always walk by the store and have somehow not stopped in! Any company that designs things that work in small urban spaces is a win in my book (#dcproblems)!

  2. Coffee date/life update soon?

  3. Love the decor inspo, can't wait to get out of a dorm and have an apartment of my own! Great post!
    xo, Alexis


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