Friday, September 11, 2015

{follow friday | september}

I haven't done a "Follow Friday" in… well, ever! I always love finding new bloggers when my friends do this so why not start now? These 4 ladies are killing it on Instagram (my favorite place to find inspiration) so I thought I would also pass their blogs along to my lovely readers via Southern Anchors! Sharing is caring, right?

Be sure to check out my instagram so you can find their handles :)

Laura Leigh of Louella Reese - met this lady in Charleston! She's the sweetest and may love lipstick as much as me ;)

Emily of Musings of Glitter - so happy Emily finally took the blogger plunge! After interning for Keds and knowing the in's and out's she's already a natural.

Courtney of The Dainty Darling - I can't get enough of every single outfit Courtney puts together. She is such a natural at accessorizing and dressing for the occasion!

Lindsay of Sugar & Something - I can't say enough great things about this gal. Spunky attitude and I get to see her at blogger events in DC all the time. 

Love Always,

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  1. Always love having a new blog to follow! Hooray – thanks for sharing!

    Annie Reeves


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