Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Batiste ($6) // Bumble and Bumble ($27) // drybar Detox ($22) //
Moroccan Oil ($26) // Fekkai Blowout ($10)

I have tried so many dry shampoos I can hardly count them. I have really thin hair so it gets oily really quickly. Growing up I would have field hockey every night and then I'd rush off to ballet class. This got me in the habit of showering every night (naturally). Even after graduating and not working out every day I still showered every morning - this meant I also used a crazy amount of hot tools on my locks. Now that I know proper hair health I try to wash my hair at least every other day. The trick? Dry Shampoo. You name it - I've tried it. It's kind of an obsession haha I just love to try them all! I've narrowed it down to my top 5 favorites. Different prices but they all have a couple of things in common: they leave your hair feeling fresh, smelling great, and full of volume!

My secret - I always use dry shampoo the night before I'm not going to wash my hair. This way the powder gets worked in from my roots (source of the oil) to the tips of my hair. Most dry shampoos have a white residue (old school way is baby powder) that you have to work in with a brush or fingers - by sleeping with it in it absorbs all of the oils and disperses it through the strands! If I need more volume I flip my head upside down and blast it with a blow dryer quickly.

Batiste // Easily my top choice. You can grab this cheap fix at any drug store (or Urban Outfitters actually) and it comes in lots of different scents.

Bumble and Bumble // I just used this a couple of weekends ago from a friend when I had forgotten my dry shampoo. It wasn't a mist put instead a powder you shook out. The price is high but a little went a long way - I was really surprised!

dry bar // I love this one mainly because of the smell. It's also great if you want to re-curl your hair because it really feels weightless.

Moroccan Oil // How can you go wrong with a company that really knows hair? This one is great for blondes and brunettes (aka no white residue) because of the coloring. Perfect for quick sprays in the morning if you wake up and are short on time.

Fekkai // This first dry shampoo I found that worked for me. I got a trial size in my Birchbox and was hooked on how great it smelled. Use this one sparingly because it can weigh your hair down a bit.

Do you have any dry shampoos you love? Please let me know - I'd lot to try them out :)

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  1. These are so helpful! I think I'm the only person out there who isn't the biggest Batiste fan (it was probably just based on the scent I picked up) but my recent foray back into dry shampoo is Tresemme and I've been loving it! Maybe worth trying if you're looking for something new :) xox see you tonighttt!

  2. Batiste is the first dry shampoo I've found that has actually worked for my hair! I also love that the blonde version can also help with covering up my roots! I want to try the Drybar one too, I've heard great things about their hair products!

  3. I just picked up Batiste from the store the other day! Can't wait to try it, especially after this great review :)


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