Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{fall work wear}

The transition to Fall in my work wardrobe is always fun… but challenging. I love wearing heels and jewelry but I absolutely adore wearing big sweaters, boots, and scarves.

Old Navy Chambray // H&M Skirt, old (similar, similar) // Franco Sarto Heels (similar, similar)
Clinique Chubby Stick "Chunkiest Chili" // Essie "Lacy Not Racy"

I find it hard to dress for Fall at work without gravitating towards a big sweater everyday. Since I grew up in TX I never fully learned the beauty of changing seasons and embracing the different wardrobes. My solution? Lady-like pieces in Fall trends. I look professional being in a wine colored pencil skirt, dressy in leopard (it's the best in Fall), and am insanely comfortable in this chambray pullover! (Obviously this is my favorite season… let's count how many times I've used the word Fall…) It's still in the high 70's in DC so I thankfully don't need to break out the tights yet! With a slight breeze in the air though being able to roll my sleeves up or down helps! Gradually breaking my feet back into closed toe heels though? Ugh.

I'm still carrying my favorite summer hairstyle into this season! I did milkmaid braids a lot this summer when it was just too dang hot to even think about straightening or curling my hair. I decided to twist up the trend (ha, get it?) by doing a twist braid (most people call it a rope braid) instead of a plain-jane braid. I loved the effect!
Twist braids are sooo easy. Separate your hair into two sections, twist each strand clockwise (or towards the right), then take the piece in your right hand and place it over the piece in your left hand.. You will twist these two pieces counterclockwise (towards the left). Continue until you're ready to secure with an elastic. When you look at the finished braid the individual pieces will be rotating one direction while the overall twist is rotating the opposite. This video might help!

Happy Fall! 6 times ;)

Love Always,


  1. The hair, the shoes, the outfit, the jewelry... I seriously love this outfit! Can I have your closet?

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. haha oh gosh Stephanie you're too sweet!! Thank you! I could EASILY say the same thing about yours!! gimme!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit (especially the skirt) and hair Jen! So chic!


    1. Thanks so much, Tara!! Wish this skirt was still sold in stores.. I would've snatched it up in every color!

  3. Good l love your style so much


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