Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Wedding season has officially begun (for me)! I've celebrated engagements and bachelorettes and partied with some sparkly rings around me but this was the first official "I do!" I wanted to find the perfect dress to celebrate and dance in. I've got a lot more weddings coming up so I'm excited to show y'all how I like to dress up!

Lulu*s Dress sold out (Similar from Shop Akira) // Heels (similar)

Two weekends ago I attended a gorgeous wedding in Charlottesville at Castle Hill Vineyards for my Delta Gamma little, Kate! She has been dating Stephen since high school (8 or 9 years total?!?). Kate and I couldn't be more different but we have so much in common. Seeing her love for this man and her amazing family and friends almost brought me to tears (okay, I lied, if you know me… you know I cried). How lucky am I to have this gorgeous girl as my little. She's been through a lot the past two years and I was lucky to have her to lean on through my last tough year. She has this infectious smile and a way to make you feel like you're the only person in the world she wants to be with when she talks to you. Kate, my darling little, I wish you all the happiness in the world! So happy to FINALLY call you Mrs!! I think Rachael and I only joked about that for the past 4 years or so hehe ;)

I really wanted to post this before the dress sold out but I bought it back in June specifically for this wedding so I didnt want to break it out before then (I'm a weird planner like that). I've found some similar "mirrored" patterns from ASOS that won't break the bank like the gorgeous Mara Hoffman style everyone lusts after! Thanks for stopping by… hope everyone had a nice LDW!

ASOS Embellished ($$$ but gorgeous!)
Love Always,

PS. pictures from the wedding :)

Gorgeous set up and my handsome date, Jon!

Mr. and Mrs. Colvin's first dance and my DG family (Kate's big sister, Angie, obviously had to be in the picture with us!)

oh how I missed throwing that Gamma!

first pictures taken by Emily Smalling


  1. Yay for wedding season! I've got a few more this fall myself:) What a perfect dress for the occasion!!

  2. Nice color combo & print on your dress!


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