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  1. Hi,

    I recently launched a fashion photo sharing app called iiStyle on the Apple app store.

    iiStyle lets users access the designer sites of tagged designers in pictures taken on the app. For example: an iiStyle user uploads a picture of them wearing a Zara shoe, they tag the shoe with Zara and post the picture to iiStyle. Their network (friends) can view the picture see the tag, tap the tag and be taken to Zara's website where they can buy the shoe or just browse the site.

    iiStyle is great platform for fashion bloggers and fashionistas and I'm looking to form partnerships to see how we can mutually benefit each other. The app is a free download so it'll cost you nothing, it'll be an addition to Instagram or an alternative. The website for the app is being worked on by my tech team and should be ready by early Jan 2016 however the app is fully functioning and available.

    Contact me on: 202-906-9643 let's grab coffee and talk further. Cheers.



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