Wednesday, August 12, 2020

{Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | my wish list}

 Tomorrow the sale opens up to all Nordstrom card holders! I actually only have the debit card :) so this really helps me stay within my budget because it's directly attached to my checking account. All of the cardholders that could shop days ago had "status" aka they've spent a certain amount of money within the last year to hit that level #themoreyouknow. Since I have a card with Nordstrom I still get early access - I think it's worth it to just get a card for two reasons: you earn points as you shop (aka rewards) & access to the sale before it hits the public. However, if you have a hard time paying off cards this ain't for you!! 

Today I wanted to share with y'all my wish list items! There's no way I am actually going to buy everything on this list (nor could I afford it) and  some of the items are currently sold out anyways... so I may make a game time decision at 9:30am ET tomorrow haha. I do know that I'm 100% getting those black leather booties because I don't have a pair and I pretty much exclusively wear boots/booties during the Fall or Winter (when I travel, I know it's hot as hell in Key West right now...). I'm also definitely getting the Zella leggings and sports bra because so many of y'all have recommended them to me in the past. Then I will pick up one new sweater, one new necklace, and one new cardigan. I haven't made my mind up on which one to snag yet! The beauty products would be restocks and gifts so I don't see why I wouldn't get those on sale right now! I'm lusting after that leather jacket but not sure if I'm ready to pull the plug. There are tons of cheaper options but of course my picky self prefers this one haha isn't that how it always goes?

What items do y'all have on your wish list? Check out my full Nordstrom Anniversay Sale 2020 post - I'm sharing my picks from each category and I've marked the items I've purchased and loved in past years with a little anchor!

Love Always,

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