Tuesday, August 11, 2020

{Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | 2020}

Okay so by now I'm sure y'all know all the details about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale... fondly known as the #NSale! It's opened to a couple of cardholders already (I personally can't shop until August 13th). I'm late sharing my picks but I was trying to gather a feel from the crowd and really search through everything. I've covered this sale the past couple of years but obviously this year is different with the times. However, the best thing about this year is that you can "wish list" your favorite items. Lots of things are already sold out but they normally restock before each level opens up and before the sale goes live for the public. Personally, some things I want are already sold out... fingers crossed some of my favorites come back! (I will be sharing my personal picks later!)

I asked y'all how you wanted to see items shared and the majority said by category versus style like I've done in the past. So I've created a LOT of categories. I also included the prices of each item and what the price will be after the sale. I wanted this blog post to act like a mini catalog for you. So you don't have to compare prices or be surprised by something. I always have a budget going into this sale so I hope this is helpful!

**As a reminder, I may make a small commission when you use my links and then shop through them! Lots of bloggers push this sale on their readers with lots of items because it's a "click war" to get their cookies on your computer during the sale. Basically, if you click my link riiiight before making a purchase I benefit from that click - roughly 7-10% goes to me! (I have no clue who purchases and what's being purchased though) This allows me to keep Southern Anchors running so that I can bring you new style ideas and dedicate time to putting posts like this together - it means the world that y'all support me... seriously!**

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