Wednesday, February 19, 2020

{spring break ready | amazon bikinis under $20}

Cactus Suit ($15, M) // Orange Suit ($18, M) // Ruffle Suit ($17, M)

Cactus - runs small - size up one, top is stretchy to pull over, padding
Orange - runs TTS (could've used a S), adjustable straps, metal clasp, v detail in bottoms, padding
Ruffle - runs small - size up one (no stretch in hip ruffles), adjustable straps, hook clasp, padding

Pink Suit ($14, M) // Striped Suit ($16, M) // Black Suit ($19, M)

Pink - runs small - size up two, adjustable tie in back (reversible for some!), padding
Striped - runs small - size up one, no padding
Black - runs TTS (I could've used a S up top but bottoms run small), padding, top stretches over

White Suit ($15, M) // Blue Suit ($18, M) // Patterned Suit ($14, M)

White - runs small  size up one, tie in back is not functional. adjustable straps, padding
Blue - runs small - size up one, adjustabel straps, metal clasp, padding (I removed)
Patterned - runs small - size up two, tie in front is adjustable, no padding

All of these adorable suits are from Amazon and less than $20!! Living in Key West, I wear a bikini almost every weekend and sometimes during my lunch break to get outside haha. Yes, this may seem like a lot but I wash all of my suits and don't like to wear the same one too often lol. Plus, sometimes I want to be sassy in neon orange and sometimes I want something more covered like a striped bikini top. Your mood changes just like your bikinis!

I do also want to note that yes, I am small chested (32A) and most of these suits are cheeky bottoms (normally wear a size 2/4). This is simply what works for me and what I feel best in!! It doesn't make sense for me to order a one piece or high waisted suit when I don't genuinely think I'll wear it (and I do NOT play the try on and return game for profit...). If you look at the reviews from these suits a lot of them have photos with different sized women wearing them! I always choose to look at reviews before I purchase. I think a lot of these will work well for different body types!

At the end of the day, if you have CONFIDENCE, then any bikini will look amazing!!

Love Always,

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