Thursday, January 31, 2019

{my favorite workout look | january}

My favorite outfit to workout in this month - and for once it has two new-to-me brands haha

Photos by Lauren

As I've fallen more in love with working out my workout wardrobe has been expanding! I used to only wear solid plain black leggings (although I still prefer black over color) with a big t-shirt and an old sports bra from high school. I hated working out so I never put any care into how I looked when I went to the gym. It's funny because now I enjoy putting a cute outfit together for class and I love complimenting girls on their flashy leggings or cool knotted sports bras while stretching before the instructor starts - side note that's also a great way to open up a convo and make friends in class :)

You know how you pick out an outfit for a party and it just makes you more excited to go out? It lifts your confidence and boosts your mood! I've found that that's exactly what workout clothes do for me now. The athleisure trend is really popular so a lot of these pieces get worn outside the gym and class too (especially road trips).

I used to be against spending more than $20 on anything I was going to sweat in... y'all know I stick to a strict shopping budget and have student loans that come first!! But, I think of it like this: if I'm going to invest in my health and wellness then I'm also going to invest in my self confidence and attitude! Because when I feel like I look good in a workout class then I'm going to give it my all and really get the most out of the class. I still only purchase things within reason (still no LuLu in my closet... yet) but I always wear things at least once a week since I work out 4-5 times a week.

So here's my question for y'all: what is your all time favorite workout brand? I'd love to try out other companies! I definitely need some new sports bras too!

PS my friend Joselyn (the best Barre3 instructor I've ever had) Is a Carbon38 ambassador and has a code that will get you 25% off: JOSELYNGRI50

Love Always,

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  1. Girl I have the same view as you on workout clothing! For years I'd wear old tshirts and only buy sports bras from Forever 21. I still love the F21 workout clothing, but I also love Old Navy, Fabletics, and Shein (for leggings!). I still can't bring myself to buy Lulu either :) haha!

    xoxo A


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