Tuesday, April 10, 2018

{weekend away at lansdowne resort}

I love the hustle and bustle of the city but sometimes you need an escape. Normally, my answer is to head out to a winery for the day or go on a hike but after a couple of stressful weeks at work some R&R was needed. So, Kyle and I packed our bags one sunny (but really, really windy) Saturday morning and headed out to Loudoun County to stay at Lansdowne Resort!


I can't tell you how amazing it was to only have to drive 45 minutes to get there - our mini-vacation started so quickly! There were a couple of toll roads but you could easily go around them, it just may take a little longer. If you're flying in, the Dulles airport is only 15 minutes away.


Every single room has a view of the beautiful greenery that surrounds the hotel on every side! I love the simplicity of the beds and the lounge chair and bar cart sitting in front of the huge window. The desk area has a cute picture collage over it which makes it feel very home-y. The beds... oh boy y'all. They were like big pillows! Also, what is it about all white bedding that just makes it feel more cloud like?


Kyle and I explored the entire hotel after checking in to really get a lay of the land since the sun was shining. After walking around for awhile and peeking in every room we grabbed a bottle of wine at the market (they sell wine from local vineyards) and decided to take happy hour in our room. We were so thrilled to have a cheese and charcuterie board delivered! It's not a true vacation if you don't have room service and eat it in bed, right?

My favorite thing about Lansdowne was that we didn't have to go far to find food or drink. There were tons of restaurant options and they all had a different feel to them! We ate at Coton & Rye Saturday night for dinner and really treated ourselves to a meal... pre-dinner cocktails, wine, appetizers, entrees, and dessert!! Everything was so delicious and it was an entirely new menu! They're constantly changing what is prepared so that seasonal items can be used and the chefs can stay sustainable. I absolutely loved sitting by the fire too - it just felt really romantic

The next morning, before our spa day, we had brunch at Riverside Hearth. I'm pretty sure a buffet brunch is the best thing ever... sweet and savory all on one plate (multiple plates, obviously). I didn't indulge in the mac&cheese and chicken tenders but I did have the most beautiful waffle made for me ever!

Be sure to check out the rest of Lansdowne's restaurants like Pub 46 for happy hour, Piedmont's Table for a fancy night out, and the new spots they have coming this summer! Guess that means I'll have to make a trip back ;)


I was really shocked at all of the activities that Lansdowne hosts not only for the guests but for locals as well. Kyle and I were there during a really cold and windy weekend so we opted to stay inside for the majority of the weekend. We took part in a cooking class and learned how to make Irish Car Bomb bites (it was before St. Patrick's Day!) with one of the pastry chefs! She taught us lots of tips and tricks and we got to sample everything as it was made.

Before leaving we walked along the river and all through the golf course - even though it was cold everything was still really beautiful. I don't know how to golf but it is definitely a golfer's paradise and makes me want to learn (mainly because of the cute outfits, driving range, and the little food hut on the course haha).

In warmer weather there is an insane pool, hot tub, water slide, etc!! If I need a list of reasons to go back in warmer weather this is 100% on that list! There are also tennis courts on the property that are calling my name for summer ;)

The best part about Lansdowne, in my opinion, has to be the Spa! They offer everything from manicure/pedicure to facials to couples massages to hair styling. My massage was probably the highlight of my trip - it was incredibly relaxing and hanging out in the sauna and steam room after totally took away all of my Sunday scaries! I would recommend bringing a bathing suit and heading to the Spa early so that you can enjoy the hot tub with a glass of wine beforehand as well. There are showers with a Eucalyptus Steam that feel incredible after a nice massage and quiet time in the steam room! Just thinking about my time at the spa right now has me daydreaming


The majority of the resort is pretty casual - I opted for blue jeans and boots on Saturday (post coming soon) and switched into heels and an off the shoulder sweater for dinner! All of the restaurants have their own vibe but you can dress however you want. Piedmont's is the only place where you really need to dress up and golf whites for the course obviously ;) The entire resort has a blend of fancy events and casual events so it's great to see that people are just comfortable and enjoying their vacations!

Has anyone been to Lansdowne before? Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions!

**Thank you to Lansdowne Resort for sponsoring my stay! All thoughts and opinions are my own!**

Love Always,

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