Wednesday, February 14, 2018

{valentine's day | wish list}

Happy Valentine's day my lovelies! I have been internet "window shopping" for awhile now and noticed that I started having a trend of red, pink and white... think the day of love has been on my mind? I've been wearing my red sweaters since Christmas and gradually adding in softer pinks because I'm ready for spring! The weather here has been so hot and cold (literally) and I'm ready to transition into another season. I get tired of my cold weather clothes after a while. Anyone else?

Psst - this board is shoppable! Just click on the item you want to shop!

While I know some people think of Valentine's Day as a "hallmark holiday" I personally love it :) Any excuse to share a little extra love with the people I care about the most! I made handmade cards for everyone this year (big crafter here!) and sent them out early last week. My mom and grandma couldn't wait and already opened theirs haha.

Kyle and I are choosing to stay in together again this year. Last year we agreed that the day is simply about being together so he cooked for me at his house and we had a romantic night sitting on the floor, eating Italian food, and laughing together. It was so cute because he had the coffee table set with candles, a table cloth, placemats, flowers, and wine glasses! I am a total sucker for anything romantic so I melted when I walked through the front door. Who doesn't love to be surprised like that?!

I also love this holiday because it's a time to talk about self love too! When I'm home alone there's nothing I love more than trying a new face mask, taking a long bath, or watching a reality tv show (cough cough Siesta Key). The past month I've made sure to fill my time with things that make ME happy. At the start of every new year I create a list of things that bring me happiness: red wine, fresh flowers, manicures, dancing, girl talk, etc. When I've had a bad day or need a pick me up this is the list I refer to! So if you don't have a "Valentine" then give yourself the love you deserve - pick at least one thing that makes you happy and treat yourself to it. You deserve it! Oh, and calories don't count on the 14th... everyone knows that!!

Love Always,

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  1. Love this post!! So many great finds. Happy Galentine's Day to my #1 XOXO


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