Thursday, November 2, 2017

{day trip to bluemont vineyard with DCAcar}

It's no secret that spending a day at a winery is my #1 hobby. It's the perfect way to spend time with friends and get out of the city! Sitting in the sun on a chilly day, laughing with friends, eating delicious food, trying new wines, and just making great memories. I could go on and on about my love for the Virginia Wine Country (I should probably write a post listing out my favorite wineries?!) because I've spent so much time adventuring out to explore the area.

I somehow manage to convince Kyle to go out to our favorite winery at least once a month ;) It's not hard to convince him... it's just the fact that he always has to drive. Not an ideal situation when you really want to relax and drink some glasses of wine without worrying about the trek back home! We always talk about wanting to try a new winery and spending the day with friends but the conversation of "who's going to drive" becomes the deciding factor on our weekend plans (I can drive... but Kyle drives a Jeep stick shift).

Then we were introduced to DCAcar Service!! Not only were we able to head out to a winery on a beautiful Sunday with Kristyn and Corey but we didn't have to worry about who was going to drive! We were picked up in a massive black SUV (complete with mints and waters) in the morning and our gracious driver, Zack, drove us out to Bluemont Vineyard where we spent our Sunday Funday!  The four of us did wine tastings, purchased a couple of bottles, and ordered lots of food and pizzas... probably one each by the end of the day haha! Bluemont has a fire brick oven pizza grill and it's such a game changer! Around 4:30 we got back in the car (with lots of wine in tow and full bellies) and Zack got us back to DC safe and sound! Pretty sure Kyle was the happiest because he didn't have to drive!

It was so nice knowing that our driver already had our agenda and we didn't have to wait around for him to pick us up or try to give him directions. Zack was even telling us that DCAcar can take you to Reagan National Airport, BWI Airport, and even Dulles Airport!  With the holidays coming up quickly I will be using their services to get myself and my family to and from the airports. Since my dad is no longer driving and I don't have a car I know this is the safest way to get everyone where they need to be!

Kyle and I had so much fun with the group that we've already started planning another outing with DCAcar service and more friends! I can't even believe we were able to spend an entire day out in VA wine country and we didn't have to drive!! Can I please spend every Sunday like this?!

*Thank you to DCAcar Service for providing us transportation. All thoughts, words, photos, and opinions are my own.*

Love Always,


  1. SO cute - these pictures are awesome! I wish I knew about this when Jared was in DC...there's nothing worse than a BF having to drive his GF home after a winery or two!!

  2. Virginia wine country is the best!! There are a lot of services like that around where I live. I'm planning to use one for a winery day tour for my bachelorette party!



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