Wednesday, October 18, 2017

{wish list wednesday | fall weather}

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Yesterday the weather got below 50 degrees! So naturally one of the first things I did was begin online shopping and dreaming of outfits ;) plus, my new earrings came in the mail and I just can't wait to wear them with everything! They're so light weight and I can't get enough of the colors. But, when I really need some retail therapy I always gravitate towards sweaters. I swear every store I look in there's another cute sweater that I must have - and they're all priced so well too! I love wearing a cute sweater to work, out with friends, or even on a date night! Dressing it up just takes a really awesome pair of earrings.

Then I went down the Target and Sephora black hole... once I found a pumpkin and eyeshadow palette I loved I knew I had to cut myself off haha. Does that happen to anyone else?

Love Always,


  1. Good article, your sharing is so nice, love your work!

  2. Love all of these picks! The tassel earrings are super cute!

    Turquoise and Chaos


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