Wednesday, May 4, 2016

{everyday makeup routine}

I've gotten a couple of requests on snapchat (jennrog3) to share my everyday makeup with y'all! I try to keep it pretty basic and do the exact same thing for work every single day. That means there are no fun lipsticks, eyeliners, shadows, etc. today! However, there is a fun giveaway for my favorite contour palette and brush at the bottom!! (Featured in my contouring "how to" post!) Keep scrolling to learn how to enter to win!

I typically work in 4 phases. So if I need to go eat breakfast, pick out what to wear, or stop to instagram something I finish one phase so I don't skip anything. I have gotten on the metro having only applied mascara to one eye before... it was rather frightening. I now keep a simplified makeup bag at work. Ay yi yi!

The first phase is my "base." I prime my face and apply the anti-age smoothing eye primer first, let them dry, and then carefully pat on my under eye concealer. You're supposed to pat it on and not rub it on to help prevent wrinkles :) I cannot say enough good things about this concealer. I always keep an extra in my purse! My eye bags aren't designer so I need serious help in this department. The color offsets any dark circles and is dense (goes on super light though) to really cover up circles versus being translucent! I like to set my under-eye concealer with a mineral veil and use it to help matte my t-zone, too! I use the straight forward veil... no sparkles or color. I don't use foundation because my skin doesn't need it and I find it too heavy. The face primer would help keep a foundation on all day but for me it helps my contouring and blush stay put!

Contour Palette // Contour Brush // Bare Minerals All-over Face in "Warmth" // Bronzer Brush // Finishing Powder Brush (similar) // Sephora Blush in "Rose Emotion" // Cover FX Brush (for blush)

Second phase is the "face." I start off with a light dusting of bronzer on my cheekbones and nose, jaw line, collar bone (if it's a low cut shirt), and forehead. I apply a quick sweep of blush to the apples of my cheeks and a little on the tip of my nose. Then reach for my contour palette (easy tutorial in this post) and blend lightly with my finishing brush - aka the softest brush in my bag!

"Eye" phase - It's pretty obvious which daytime colors I like to wear best :) "pushup" is my overall lid color, "erotica" goes right above my lash line on the outside corner (blend in) and "silk teddy" goes on the inside corners of my eyes by the tear duct. I use the large end of this brush to apply the overall color and dab the bright color on my tear ducts, the small side to apply the dark along my lashes, and then use the same large end to blend the dark color into the rest of my eyelid. Eyeshadow is probably what I'm worst at... I love a palette like this because it's natural and straight forward. There's not too much you can mess up!

Final phase is the "brows and lashes." These are the final and most important steps in my look. Mainly because my eyebrows and eyelashes are so blonde... I never knew how to color my brows until a year ago and it changed my life (dramatic but so true). I'm also blessed with long lashes so I play those up as much as possible! This eyebrow brush has two sides - one to brush with and the other a brown pencil that looks like it could be an eyeliner. I brush my eyebrow hair up and then gradually fill in my brows to help shape them. I always brush my eyebrows after applying color to help blend it in and smudge any harsh lines. I want them to look natural!! Then I apply a clear brow gel to help them stay shaped all day (I don't pluck my eyebrows - not enough hair!) Eyelashes are easy peasy... Curl, all over base coat on top and bottom lashes with Cover Girl water proof mascara (purple tube) and then coat just the tips with the Stila huge lash (gold tube) to help lengthen them. Sometimes I'll apply a second coat of the Stila after letting the first one dry.

That's it! I take my time in the mornings but this makeup routine normally takes 10 minutes start to finish. I'm in front of clients every single day so I always like to have a full face on. If I don't do my full routine then I just use concealer, bronzer and mascara! Done and out the door :)

What makeup could you never live without? I don't know if I would choose concealer or mascara!!

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  1. Thanks for the great giveaway!! I find myself loving all the IT products I try so fingers crossed!!! :)


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